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• the south carolina council on the holocaust is pleased to offer a scholarship for graduating seniors that honors the memory of those who perished during the holocaust. Amican the scholarship is open to high school seniors who will attend a two- or four-year college or university, with matriculation to begin in the 2019-2020 academic year. The scholarship is open to students in the state of south carolina. Students must submit a 750- to 1,500-word essay with a works cited page in MLA format addressing the following topic: thirty years ago, the south carolina state legislature established the south carolina council on the holocaust to promote awareness of the holocaust, its survivors, and its liberators, who called south carolina their home. Write a convincing argument about the importance and relevance of holocaust education to south carolina today.

Student essays are due postmarked by march 29, 2019 or emailed by midnight. The essays will be reviewed by committee, with announcement of the award being made at the student’s high school awards night by june 30, 2019. This scholarship is a one-time presentation of $1000, to be used to support the student’s first year of college or university education. Submissions may be sent by mail to: emily taylor south carolina council on the holocaust PO box 596 swansea, SC 29160 or by email to scholocaustcouncil@gmail.ComThe primary residence of all applicants must have an active account with aiken electric cooperative, inc.

Your housing priority depends on the date you send in your admissions application! A student MUST take the writing portion of the ACT at least once for them to use ACT scores for admission purposes. Admission decisions DO DEPEND on stated MAJOR choice! Always list two diverse majors on your application. Do not wait for better SAT/ACT scores; send now. Admissions will update your application with better scores when sent. Clemson will take the highest SAT reading and math, even from different testing dates. If applying for either honors college, there is an additional application. If applying to the bridge program, there is not a separate application. Americanuniversity if a bridge student earns at least thirty hours and has at least a 2.5 GPA at the end of the college freshman year, the student does not have to reapply to clemson for the sophomore year. If you plan to apply to the college of agriculture, forestry, and life sciences or the college of engineering and science, request one of the special tours that are given on fridays for these areas. Clemson automatically reviews all appointments for possible scholarships given by the university. There are only a few obscure scholarships listed online that a student would need to separately apply.

The college of charleston requires two years of foreign language to graduate. The new student website is my.Cofc.Edu (formerly the cougar trail) to check for updates. Honors college requires an additional application, essay, and letters of recommendation. There are open houses scheduled on october 17th and april 18th; tours are also given on weekdays and select saturdays. American university masters programs A new major is discovery informatics and they have new programs in dance, archeology, photo, astrophysics, international studies, and women’s and gender studies.

To apply for the honors college, a student would need a letter of recommendation from the high school counselor and two additional letters from others. USC makes major-blind admission decisions. If a student feels that he/she would be on the admissions bubble, an essay with additional information or of explanation will be helpful. Spring-only acceptance offers will come out in the spring. Students applying here are automatically reviewed for USC scholarships, but some require separate applications! Check their website to see which are which.

Seniors should apply online (or paper appointments if you choose) to the colleges of their choice now! Be sure to bring in each college’s guidance or secondary school forms with your name on it to the OPS guidance office AND fill out and attach the half-page blue transcript request form found in the tray on "miss" sandy’s desk!