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Purchases of existing single-family homes remained flat in august as the gap between consumer demand and affordable inventory widened. New home sales rose for the first time since may, but figures for june and july were revised downward. With many would-be buyers unable or unwilling to purchase a home at current rates, pressure has been […]

Portland has settled a legal challenge to a year-old duplex driveway policy with a local, family-owned homebuilding company. After months of delays and financial losses, valhalla custom homes has been issued the permits it needs to build its original duplex design with two driveways and garages. Top universities in texas the portland bureau of transportation denied the original application […]

By nearly any measure, this city is booming. The unemployment rate is below 3 percent. There is so much construction that a local newspaper started a “crane watch” feature.

Seemingly every week brings headlines about companies bringing high-paying jobs to the area. Yet, denver’s once-soaring housing market has run into turbulence. Sales and construction activity […]

Oregon is taking a deep look at racial disparities in home ownership. On sept. 27, the joint task force on addressing racial disparities in home ownership had its first meeting. University dc the task force, created by legislation passed in april, will meet seven times in the next 12 months and develop a final report due sept. […]

A study published recently appears to show bend is the fourth fastest-growing city in the united states. Of the 515 ranked cities across the nation, also on the list were hillsboro (51), salem (112), portland (140), medford (155), eugene (167),beaverton (213), gresham (280), and vancouver, washington (242). WalletHub.Com, the personal finance consultancy website that published […]

The city’s new urban renewal housing incentive plan may not help contractors who build spec homes, contractor joe madden told the john day city council sept. 26. He said he was concerned that, because of the lag in awarding incentives, benefits could end up going to new owners and not the builders who took the […]

Four bend city council candidates sparred over growth, transportation and housing at a debate monday. The central oregon association of realtors hosted a joint debate with position 5 candidates gena goodman-campbell and andrew davis and position 6 candidates barb campbell and sarah mccormick. Victor johnson, who’s running for position 5, and ron “rondo” boozell, who’s […]

America’s well-documented affordable housing crisis is often framed in terms of the big urban areas, where housing and living costs are sky high and rapid gentrification pushes rents and prices up and lower-income residents out. But the affordability crisis is also playing out across rural america. It’s more spread out and driven by different factors, […]

The U.S. Census bureau of the department of commerce announced that construction spending during august 2018 was estimated at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $1.319 trillion, only 0.1 percent above the revised july estimate of $1.317 trillion. Notably, the august figure is 6.5 percent above the august 2017 estimate of $1.24 trillion. Read more […]

Last month’s labor report from the associated general contractors and autodesk painted a glum picture: 80 percent of the 2,500 surveyed construction firms — regardless of size — reported difficulty finding qualified hourly craft labor. Tuition american university as construction continues to expand in many areas, these labor pains are only expected to grow, with 81 percent of […]

When people live and work in the same neighborhood or city, it’s much easier for them to build connections and become invested in the community. That, in a nutshell, is one of the main drivers behind andersen construction’s recent neighborhood revitalization block party in north portland. Volunteers from throughout the firm teamed up with staffers […]

Facebook’s presence in prineville is growing again — to the tune of a $750 million data center expansion. Best universities of usa the menlo park, california-based company announced thursday it plans to develop an additional campus next to its existing prineville data center facility. K.C. Timmons, director of operations for facebook, said the new buildings will hold a variety […]

The housing market is stalling, and homebuilder stocks are feeling the pain. The S&P supercomposite homebuilding index is down 21 percent year-to-date, on track for the biggest annual drop since 2008, when it fell 32 percent. That’s even with tax cuts, unemployment near the lowest since 1969 and a real-estate developer in the white house. […]

After more than a decade of planning, pilot projects and other preliminaries, the portland city council and multnomah county board of commissioners jointly passed resolutions thursday that will require the use of “clean diesel” vehicles and off-road equipment on construction projects they help fund. Diesel exhaust is a known carcinogen, causing an estimated 400 or […]

Jim bernard and andy duyck have a lot in common. They both do a little farming in their free time and they both chair their local county boards. And while the suburban communities they represent are different – washington county is all in on a high-tech future, while clackamas county remains heavily and proudly rural […]