Outbreak a world threatened by proliferation new eastern outlook top universities worldwide

You see, if the world has gone mad, nuclear, biological and chemical weapon proliferation, as only high-level insiders seem to be aware, with occasional “bleed through” to the media, then we are faced with questions, with issues, with threats, none of which can be addressed with mechanisms in existence.

Killing off organizations such as the UNHRC, the OPCW or the ICC at the hague was done by the US achieved with rants, decrees and threats. What was left to guarantee balance and accountability had disappeared as had the missile treaties of the 1990s, dead at the hands of george W. Bush and dick cheney.

Behind this, even sadder, is a world bereft of not just those capable of telling the truth, but the well-established destruction of the institutions that could have produced those who could analyze, could explain and whose voice could have represented the force of civilization and order against the forces of chaos.

We are, of course, talking about universities, think tanks and a secondary industry of those tasked with deception and the promotion of fake narratives. It has long been accepted that much of history has been falsified, cable television has made that clear with series after series exposing the deceptions of the past.

What can be said is that there no longer exists, at the great universities of the world, departments of history, international law or even sociology and anthropology that have not been denuded of talent, stifled, controlled and “mediocritized.”

Worst of the worst, harvard, yale, oxford and cambridge, havens for the select mediocrities to be “rubber stamped” into ignorance and controllability, channeled into the corridors of power, knowing little or nothing of the real world, schooled in flummery and falsehood.

Each and every university has been put under political control and fed a series of narratives. George washington university hospital academics who stray into genuine research do so at the risk of their careers, their reputations and even their lives. Modern events, fake terrorism, the palestinian issue, the powerful secret societies that orchestrate events and the reality of encroaching tyranny, are utter taboos.

Moreover, similar issues apply to america’s military. The university of america I served in the military in vietnam, served in combat and, yes, slept in the mud, went without food and water, just like in the movies. However, when I arrived in vietnam, I had some education. I knew about the suffering of marines in world war II, of the russians fighting germany, in fact I knew of thousands of years of warfare where what I experienced was, in fact, nothing at all. Thus, were I to call myself a “hero,” I might well die of a mix of irony and hypocrisy.

Things are not so much that way today. Us au recently indicted congressman duncan hunter, who served in the “war on terror” while son of one of america’s most powerful politicians regularly plays the hero game. So does eric prince of blackwater who went through training and resigned but never served any deployment. He is a hero too, and of course, a billionaire many times over, money earned but mostly money inherited.

Behind this all is, according to the russian ministry of defense, evidence that the united states is collecting, across russia and other areas of the world, blood samples for DNA analysis to be used in the development of genetically targeted biological and chemical weapons, exists.

If true, these allegations, in light of evidence of the existence of facilities such as the “lugar lab” in tbilisi and inexplicable outbreaks of swine flu and other diseases, many other diseases, whose vectors do not comply with those of natural pathogens, bring rise to frightening speculation.

Are specific ethnic groups being targeted? If war is now being waged with sanctions and disinformation, might well war be waged through crop destruction or engineered collapse of a nation’s medical capabilities as well? Can disease be used to war on a nation’s economy?

During the cold war, both sides worked on banned weapons. Among these were crop diseases and weapons of all kinds meant to overload logistical resources with sick and wounded. Among these were biological and chemical weapons for sure, cluster bombs, land mines and, according to sources, radiation weapons, sonic weapons, microwave devices, things stretching the limits of science.

It has always been about proliferation, ever since gunpowder was brought to europe from china. Medicine led to germ warfare. Chemistry gave us more advanced explosives, complex poisons, gasses and maybe even weather modification as well. That too is a tool of war today and everyone who can afford it will afford it, even at the cost of starving civilians.

Gordon duff is a marine combat veteran of the vietnam war that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. Best universities 2015 he’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of veterans today, especially for the online magazine “ new eastern outlook.”