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Congratulations on a special irish open at killarney. As I always do, I put the entire round (the telecast version, anyway) on tape, and also as always, I was not disappointed with your effort. Your last round was the textbook on gutting it out, and there were so many moments there where you could have slacked a little…But you didn’t. You displayed the essence of the champion you are. It was a pleasure to watch you play.

I’ve played killarney golf & fishing club many, many times over the years, and it has become my favorite course…Even though I’ve played ballybunion! Most recently, in 2007, my wife and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary in ireland (our 11th visit), and, in the company of my son and his wife who had never had the privilege of visiting ireland, we played killarney killeen as the first of several courses we played.

I struggled with you on 8, and again on 17, and particularly on 18 (and unlike you, on 10!) it’s a special place to play our favorite game…And I look forward to playing there again, god willing – as I do beaufort, strandhill, rosses point, east clare, dooks, howth and others.

I just wanted to take the time to say you are one of my favorite golfers. Your optimism is inspiring, your personality is captivating, and your mannerisms are delightful. Being a 15-year-old girl who loves the game, I’m quite a rarety in a country where most girls my age are playing lacrosse, swimming, or basketbnall. Auc university I couldn’t tell you who won a grammy for "album of the year" or the name of madonna’s kids. I could tell you that michael breed (from "the golf fix") yells WAY too much, johnny miller’s foot is perminantly in his mouth, nick faldo is one of only two golfers to be knighted, and everything about adam scott. My father walks home from a long day of work only to find me watching golf. Golf channel is the only channel I actually watch on a consistent basis. (I’m sorry for going on like that, but I wanted to let you know that I love the game.) one of my favorite memories of you on golf channel was of you irish dancing with stephanie sparks on the green during "playing lessons from the pros". One of my favorite things is seeing golfers smile during their rounds, acting like they are actually enjoying what they are doing. You are one of the golfers that always remembers to smile. It seems to me that you love the game and that’s a refreshing thing to see. At the moment I’m currently watching PGA champ. Highlights and you keep popping up on the screen and I just think it’s funny that I’m wirting you a letter and seeing you on TV.

Padraig, over the years you have given me great moments to cheer you on as you have achieved great victories in golf particularly in the 3 majors.One of the best moments however was this time last year when I was visiting kuala lumpar and I got lost visiting the petronas towers.Harrington came to the rescue I had seen a big hoarding with yourself and woods on it you were kissing the claret jug and I had used this advertisment hoarding as a land mark in my journey ..I searched and searched to find the hoarding on the way back to the hotel I even prayed to padraig to let me find this land mark. Low and behold my prayers were answered and I was never more delighted to see someone from the" ould sod" I got back to the hotel and had a great laugh about my own irishness thanks for all the great moments and especially for saving me in kuala lumpur continued succcess give young lowery some of your experience we need guys like you around ireland particularly at a time when the old country is down in the dumps"

Anyway – what impresses me about you is that you always find a way to stay positive. Even in your write up summary when you are analyzing your week, you were positive. On the course, I could tell that you were probably not having a good week. That is certainly golf. You were moving the ball around the course really well even though you weren’t at your best. You have to be at your best and comfortable in holing putts, especially. The courses you guys play are set up to frustrate if you are not on your game. Instead, you find a way to get it around and finished 4th!

When there are many, many reasons to get negative, you find a way to stay positive. American best university that is the trait of a champion! I practice that daily as well. We rely on our faith and confidence to perform well, help others, and try to be role models for countless individuals, especially our children. While we were playing cotton fields on sunday, my cart partner was struggling. I was trying to help him to change his mood. But in the end, I had to play my game. I wound up with a pretty good round for me.

I watched you in the PGA championship at hazeltine, minnesota, just a few miles from my house last month. My wife and I followed you on both saturday and sunday, and we enjoyed watching you play very much. I am writing in response to your comment you made after saturday’s round in which you said you thought the crowd was great the way they were cheering for you, but in the end, even though people were cheering for you, you felt they wanted tiger to win. I just wanted you to know, there was a very large group of fans that we saw, including ourselves, that very much wanted you to win. I have followed your career for the last number of years, and what impresses me even more than your terrific game is your professional attitude in both victory and defeat. You always speak to reporters, no matter how painful the loss might be, and always present yourself as a gentlemen on and off the course. American college madurai trust me when I say, there are many people that notice this and want a player like you to win, and that very much includes beating guys like tiger. His level of class can never rival yours, and for many of us here in the states, we appreciate what you bring to the game. Well done padraig. You have many more fans here than you realize, and the number is growing every day. Thanks from all of us that respect a great player, and more importantly, a great person.

I have just finished reading your 15h club by dr. Rotella and saw that you hailed from rathfarnham just south of dublin. I remember that town as it was at st. Columba’s college, rathfarnham, which is overlooking dublin that my parents sent me to get an education as a boarder in the early 60’s. Top universities world if I remember there was a course called the grange just over the wall from the college where I got my initiation in the mysteries of golf. So I feel a sense of kinship with you on this score.

On top of that I remember seeing you giving a few tips on ‘lessons from the pros’ on the golf channel recently where you were playing out of brittas bay of all places. Brittas bay was not far from my home in avoca where my father was managing a copper mine. Although I never played at brittas bay just south of the mine was another golf course called woodenbridge where I was truly indoctrinated into the mysteries of golf by an 80 yr old pro called mick cahill. These are wonderful memories and the lessons I learned then I am re-learning these days as I resume the game in retirement. One of these days I plan to break par – and hopefully the insights of you and dr. Rotella will help 🙂

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