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Donald trump was never a typical manipulating politician…He is a successful ny businessman, a builder who owns all the structures he sees beyond trump tower. Too many folk laughed at him and mocked him when he created the slogan MAGA and arrived in great style in his fabulous luxury airplane with his name blazing across it. The american university too many democratic seasoned congresspeople and senators assured themselves and each other that this clown could never be president. They were mistaken because trump boldly strived to beat the odds. After winning the presidency he further diligently pursued his campaign promises much to the shock and dismay of the democrats and marxists who would deny america’s borders and open the derelict floodgates of the world and allow a great nation to drown in adversity and decadence at the mercy of fools !

This writer admires trump and continues to support him and his magnificent endeavors and I believe that he well may become america’s greatest leaders yet ! I also predict a RED tsunami of voters saturating america’s map from sea to shining sea in november as the "USA! USA! USA!" shouts from the rallys and millions and millions of voters will be heard across the planet ! If I was asked to describe donald trump in a word it would be….." VISIONARY " !

“great expectations” to reiterate the amazing writing skills of one of england’s brilliant writers, charles dickens. And william shakespeare’s “to be or not to be…that is the question” from hamlet, one of the bard’s most famous plays. I raise the latter because there is some relativity here about history’s dramas and the meeting, in just days, of the two korean leaders. I have lived in korea and nearby japan since 2008, covering the news for the world’s media including the 2011 earthquake and the student’s occupation of HK to name just some. But never something as colossal as the summit between kim jong un and moon jae-in.

The two koreas have been in a state of war since the 1950’s. An armistice was agreed on but the war actually never ended until days ago when, amazing as it might seem and sound, kim jong un and north korea implied that the korean war is finally over. American university wiki of course that is only rhetoric at this stage, as nothing has been finalized or signed between the two koreas and the US.

I was born in wales immigrated to australia in the 50’s, worked as a jackaroo (australian cowboy). Milked cows by hand, rounded up horses and sheep with kelpies (australian sheep dogs, they did most of the work better than humans) at 15 I was australia’s youngest reporter in melbourne, I wrote, produced and directed my first play, a musical, I also acted in several others, I knew show business was where I was born to be in in some way or another, it’s an inexplicable inner drive that only performers feel ! At 16 I was the youngest radio DJ in adalaide. I returned to the uk in 1960 and was a top dance hall dj in london playing to huge crowds at the lyceum, streatham locarno and hammersmith palais in between band breaks and keeping em dancing. I got hitched (too young) and returned to australia, later two australian sons who I raised alone. I owned a very popular nightclub in perth in 64 called the peppermint lounge, named after the one in NY where joe and the starlighters performed and they made a movie "the peppermint twist" within a year I controlled all the best bands and dances in and around perth. In 65 I went to america and instantly loved everything about the place, I started on a small station KPLS santa rosa 50 miles north of san francisco, then worked on oklahoma’s top stations WKY and KOMA (50,000 watts) after that KBOX dallas, then KXOK st.Louis and later still WCFL chicago the fantasy of all top jocks. After that WMEX boston, KJR seattle, KNEW spokane, KEED eugene (university of oregon town) and later still KGMB tv and radio and KORL honolulu. North american university in 74 I returned to australia and published captain fantastic comic and had a live shopping mall show and tv show together with my young sons consisting of magic and marshall arts, my oldest son could smash 15 roof tiles with one swipe of his hand, use the nunchucks and both were escape artists