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FAQ’s – Paying Guest in Bangalore | PG in Bangalore – Ladies pg | Gents PG What is Paying guest accomodation in Bangalore ? PG (also Paying guest) is a kind of lodging. In some parts of the India(such as for example: Bangalore), guest houses are a type of inexpensive hotel-like lodging.

In still others, it is a private home which has been converted for the exclusive use of guest accommodation. The owner usually lives in an entirely separate area within the property and the guest house may serve as a form of lodging business.

Modern design In some areas of city, guest houses are the only kind of accommodation available for visitors who have no local relatives to stay with. Among the features which distinguish a guest house from a hotel, or is the lack of a full-time staff. General serivce, breakfasts and guest houses in Bangalore are family owned and the family live on the premises though family members are not normally available during the evening.

However most family members work a 10- to 12-hour day from 6am as they may employ part-time service staff. Hotels maintain a staff presence 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, whereas a guest house has a more limited staff presence. Because of limited staff presence, check in at a guest house is often on weekends.

Some pg also usually has a restaurant attached. In Bangalore tenants in a guest house have to pay a substantial damage deposit, and have to pay maintainence & cleaning fee when they leave. A tremendous growth can be seen in the guest house business especially in Nagawara and Whitefield where progress in IT sector and real estate were two most influential factor. highest education level Nowadays guest house accommodation sector has improved itself a lot. Even a home converted guest house is also offering equivalent facilities to its guests.

Life in a paying guest for Males with Food | Female accomodation with Food People living in a paying guest house can be from different states and cultures so one who lives in PG accommodation often choose these good points so that their life become easy and comfortable.

What will be the cost of paying guest stay in Bangalore? 6500 INR for twin sharing is what is decent on money and service wise. But one may increase or decrease their budget based on type of sharing and location What all facilities provided in PG, Bangalore locality is considered? North and South Indian Food – 90% of PG’s Do this only

And few High End Paying Guests (PG) in Bangalore also have GYM for fitness buddies Is the Paying guest reliable? Strict supervison on PGs by city management, some brats are there every corner of Bangalore. Beaware not to get into such scenario. Better way is to find the most rated or go to pg with a reference. Have strong connection with local body for support anytime for safety. How can a guest save by joining paying guest in Bangalore? In detail split costs are below with EG

Colleges: Informing to someone on phone or in person stands importannt for any surprise situations Is there a security deposit to be paid like in home rental, for PG bangalore too? In earlier days 2 or 3 months depost was taken from guest for security reasons. nowadays due to compete among pgs nil depost or minimum 2000 INR as deposit

All paying guest owners will deduct 500 to 1000 inr towards maintainece or cleaning charges while vacating the pg What will be the maintainence charges in pg? Very much minimal Maintainance as low as 400 INR will be levied as charge for service like washinc machine, LED tv, power, light etc usages Food quality of paying guest? Compared to Hotels or daily street foods. PG serves best food at economical price. Some pgs give non veg twice week. Paneer replacement for Vegans etc.

100% homemade top notching quality food Just like hostels " Is there any fixed timings" for PG? Only due to safety issues all paying guest lock their premisis at 11 pm. make a talk to owner with spare key arrangement if really needed. Apart from it No strict timings on PG operations. level 8 education Can I pay annual rent and get discounts on PG? Thats a good Idea! Just in case if you are a student or college goer. Go for PG instead of Hostels to get the extra freedom and facilities. You are sure to save atleast 30 % by paying your rent annyally.

Whoever completed their studies will come to Bangalore to find a Job – Here due to happening individuals do not like to go for their relatives home, do not want to stay with known friends, have no enough money to rent a flat or house. Paying guest accommodation jumps into the Picture. IF u do not know which area to choose from we suggest the following areas with its positive reasons. 10 Best reasons to Choose Bangalore as a resident meanwhile find a PG for yourself

1)Best at What They do- Probably the only Indian city to have a word termed after it. The widely used American term ‘Bangalored’ which means that one has been laid off due to outsourcing. Such is the impact of Bangalore in the International IT sector that Americans had to invent a new term for outsourcing.

2) The City of Pubs- While Mumbai boast of its ‘The city that never sleeps’ tag, Bangalore has its pubs. what does level of education mean There was a buzz around the internet earlier this year purportedly showing that Bangaloreans sleep way earlier than Mumbaikars. But, the number of late night pubs tells a whole different story.

3) The City of Lakes – Notwithstanding the title of the silicon valley, the city is not completely a concrete jungle. Also, known as the Garden city of India, Bangalore has more lakes, gardens and natural beauty than any other top city in India.

6) The ART of living- The city that taught the world, the art of living. The Art of Living Foundation is India’s most popular volunteer-based, humanitarian and educational NGO. It offers many programs for personal-development and trauma-relief in 150 countries around the world.

If you have taken a pg in Bangalore ensure you are assigned with a closed parking. Vehicle damages and thefts are increasing day by day in Bangalore life. Generally in Economical pg – Congested or limited 2 wheeler parking. 95% pgs do not provide 4 wheeler parking. Expensive area rent is the main reason.

Some pgs have professional gym – But it is dam difficult to find one. Search the web pgs with gym you should find less than 10 pgs in entire benglauru. Apart from it in common area running threadmills and very lite Exercise machines are common all over Bangalore. 80% pgs do not provide this facility

Based on ones need PG seekers may choose single sharing, twin sharing or any type of sharing upto 5 sharing paying guest are available with 150 rupees per day. About us – Paying guest in Bangalore We serve as a platform to find pgs to PG seekers also making the platforms for the PG owners to explore themselves in the online web.

Journey through PG in Bangalore | Paying guest in Bangalore In Bangalore everyday almost 5 paying guest premisis are made. education o level Most booming business. New to Bangalore don’t know where to go or which area to choose, This information helps you on this

Let see where all can I locate paying guest accommodations: Lets start our journey from Hebbal, after lumbini gardens on your LHS. Big Tech park Manyata you will get. Some PG are located around this park. More than 350 paying guest are available here clubbed together for Ladies and Gents. This area name is Nagawara.

PG in kaikondrahalli, Pg in Sarjapur road, Due to presence of Wipro and Infosys around 80 Paying guest can be found here. Some 90 pgs can be found in HSR Layout, if Clubbed with Koramangala 1st Block Teachers colony paying guest accommodations.

Taking Left moving towards Electronic city. Combing pgs in Phase 1 and Phase 2 – Around 300 paying guest can be located. On the way PG in Bommanahalli (closer to Oxford) and garvebhavipalya – around 40 pg can be located. Coming to Banashankari road – In Banashankari pgs are less may be 15 pgs. what is a level education But on the way PG in Jayanagar is 30, PG in JP nagar is 40. Increasing every day. PG in BTM layout (PG in BTM Layout stage 1 and stage 2) count comes to 600 when combined with pgs in Maruthinagar, PGs in Tavarekere and PG in Madiwala

Final wordings: We are just a platform meeting for PG owners and PG seekers. If you are looking for pg. Get photos watsaped to your no. Dont waste time see pg actual pics which is vacant. Photos in this are for reference – Same photo room may not be available in this pg. Try to pay rent through cheque for proof. Keep well informed about your living in PG to your guardian. Copyright © 2018 All rights reserved.