Phoenix health care sector partnership reconvenes to address issues in health care industry success – greater phoenix chamber post secondary level education

The Phoenix Health Care Sector Partnership (PHCSP) is a collaborative of health care leaders, educational institutions, and community partners dedicated to improving health outcomes for the community, strengthening the health system, and fostering expansions of health care companies that generate quality job opportunities.

In 2013, the City of Phoenix launched the partnership, which has since come under the aegis of the Greater Phoenix Chamber. jobs available at each level of education The PHCSP is an important competent of the Greater Phoenix Chamber’s Economic Development efforts to move Phoenix forward. The Chamber hosts biannual meetings for more than 300 industry and community leaders at partner venues across the Valley to bring together business leaders and promote the PHCSP priorities.

In the first meeting of FY 2019, the Chamber hosted leaders in health care innovation in the Greater Phoenix region, the accomplishments of PHCSP and its progress, an update on the Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation’s Hospital Workforce Collaborative, and an update from Pipeline AZ.

From TGEN and the BioMedical Campus to groundbreaking high school training programs, Phoenix is working hard to support the growth of health care providers such as Banner Health, HonorHealth, Dignity Health, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and so many other world-class providers. university level education Health care providers are growing Phoenix. These expansions include approximately 2 million in investment in the Phoenix community and 5,000 new jobs. In fact, Mayo Clinic is doubling their hospital with an additional 1.4 square feet and 2,000 new jobs.

Linda Hunt of Dignity Health Arizona, who has been apart of the PHCSP since its inception, highlighted the partnership’s accomplishments. entry level higher education jobs From increasing awareness around Arizona’s health care ecosystem to advocating for the Medical Licensure Compact, the Partnership leads the way forward for innovation in health care. These accomplishments include:

The Foundation’s Hospital Workforce Collaborative focuses on addressing workforce shortages for regional hospital systems. highest level of education completed some college Health care has been a driving factor for Greater Phoenix job growth in recent years, and the region has the potential to become a national health care hub. Workforce shortages in health care need to be addressed to make this goal a reality.

The Collaborative is working to help hospitals attract specialty nurses and surgical technicians across all specialties. By convening hospital leaders, the Collaborative is developing a collaborative strategy to harness collective efforts to attract and develop talent to move Phoenix’s health care industry forward.

Pipeline AZ is a community project and partnership between business leaders. Pipeline AZ is the first regional platform to address regional talent and marketplace issues. Pipeline AZ supports organic workforce growth across all industries. highest level of education completed job application Pipeline AZ is a platform that allows users to identify pathways, careers, and learning opportunities to connect them with the right path and the right employer for their interest.

Wellness AtoZ aims at making the Greater Phoenix region known as a destination for healthy talent and a healthy community. It complements existing wellness programs, highlighting best practices and offering free tools to enhance your wellness programs.