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Sister valerie zottola has sent a bulletin to the amigos of casa san jose with information to learn about and comment on proposed regulations issued by the department of homeland security that would expand the so-called “public charge test” that restricts immigration rights of persons who utilize certain government programs. Here is the full text of her message, including links to more information and for those who wish to submit comments. Such comments will be compiled and summarized in the federal register and because they are part of the official record, they do make a difference.

“the new public charge rule, with the devastating changes proposed by the department of homeland security, has been posted, and is open for public comment starting yesterday, and available for only 60 days. University rankings uk 2016 this rule change will penalize immigrants for using the few benefits that are available to them or their (often american citizen) children, denying them any future eligibility for US citizenship.

It is urgent that everyone who supports immigrants send in a comment, which is easy to do online. You can do it through the link provided by “protecting immigrant families” OR directly through the official US government site at regulations.Gov , where you paste this: USCIS-2010-0012 – into the search box, click on search, and then click on “comment now.”

ALSO, casa would like to host an information session on the public charge issue and how it affects our community in late october, but we need to gauge interest – if you would like to come, please email srvalerie@casasanjose.Org by oct. 16th.”

Reprinted below is a response to my columbus day post, no. 1,568, which was sent to me via the contact box on this blog. It succinctly states the gist of the contemporary argument against honoring columbus, which many view as a complicity in genocide.

This argument holds columbus as a symbol of what was to happen during several centuries to follow. There is a political agenda behind this which has little to do with columbus himself. C0lumbus’ conquest of a few indigenous people and the violent killing it entailed cannot be equated to the premeditated genocidal programs of hitler or stalin. American university communications to follow this chain of logic would ultimately lead us to the absurdity of wholesale condemnation of almost everyone who led an army in conquest. We need to recognize that our ancestors lived in a vastly different world and frequently believed that their perceived enemy would quickly kill them, if given the opportunity.

I read your post about columbus day and I think there’s been a fundamental misunderstanding. No one is saying that what columbus did was not historically significant; we are saying it was an atrocity. University rankings 2017 the beginning of the “golden age” that you speak of was the genocide of the native american people. You talk about being lucky to live in this age, but ignore the millions of indigenous people who were murdered and continue to suffer the consequences of colonization. The argument is not “we should stop celebrating columbus day because it doesn’t matter”, but rather, “it is wrong to celebrate and glorify a genocidal warlord”. In the same way that it would be unthinkable to honor hitler or stalin with a day of celebration, it is inappropriate to honor columbus, who perpetrated crimes just as violent as the former two, only against non-european victims. I truly hope you will consider the deeper nuances surrounding this issue, and the direct effects of columbus’s actions which can still be felt in the forms of residential schools, indigenous child theft, forced sterilization, and so much more which I am sure you have the resources to familiarize yourself with. This is more than just the simple name of a childhood holiday; this is about celebrating and condoning the decimation of an entire race of people.

Yes, it is still columbus day in good old antediluvian pennsylvania. Unlike the wise solons who run columbus ohio, we haven’t renamed it to indigenous peoples day yet. And the federal government hasn’t gotten around to changing the name of the holiday either.

Columbus was a man of his time. Those who condemn him for not living up to the standards of the 21st century “don’t know much about history book.” the same group is busy removing the name of founders like padre junipero serra from streets and buildings at stanford university or distinguished alumni like john C. Calhoun from the place where he studied at yale. (they were both slave owners in an age when the practice was legal.)

Christopher columbus was a great historical figure. Best universities of usa he opened the new world to european civilization which, like it or not, was a singular historical event. We, who are privileged to inherit the golden age that was begun in 1492, are sophisticated enough to recognize the difference between great accomplishments and outmoded ideas. Or at least some of us are.