Ppcchat squeezing more out of challenging scenarios 9 oct, 2018 – karooya us education level statistics

Sky-high LinkedIn CPCs and the inability to effectively retarget LinkedIn users b/c clicks are counted even if they don’t click thru to website. (Caveat – I haven’t been actively managing the LI ads but have recently been brought in) – @BrookeOsmundson

THE WE WANT TO SHOW UP FOR EVERYTHING AND BE SUPER EFFICIENT WITH HALF THE BUDGET OF COMPETITORS SITUATION!!! Last one…… PEOPLE BOOKMARK ALL OF OUR LANDING PAGES!!! So Analytics data is all incorrect since repeat purchasers keep coming through our utm parameters – @markpgus

For limited budgets, where there is not $$ to expand them, really focusing on terms MOST LIKELY TO CONVERT rather than broader traffic and budget hog terms is key. It can be tough getting clients on board with this reality though! – @NeptuneMoon

Part One: I always ALWAYS discuss limitations on our end if clients don’t properly manage lists for email (B2B) or provide us with updated info, or manage their end of the funnel.

Establishing clear scope helps with this. Also, anytime you can explain things in a different way it helps. I write out things in reports, make visual charts, and verbally explain. All the learning types! Also, if you work with a sales team, do your best to ensure the expectations they are setting matches the reality of what you can deliver – @amaliaefowler

As part of an agency, I never really figured it out, though I often suggested “setup-only” contracts that were designed to keep the ads profitable for the client. With in-house, I’m kind of loving the ability to run smaller campaigns, regardless of 3rd-party profit – @ferkungamaboobo

Setting expectations – once I got used to it, realized that its not a case of “the client is always right” and found the ability to push back and have the hard conversations, this got easier with time and made my life much smoother long term! – @amaliaefowler

I am good with people (must be my years of studying diplomacy in college!) so resetting expectations or having a conversation where I need to be direct about something that’s not working are the easiest scenarios for me to navigate. – @NeptuneMoon

Limited by budget is def my preferred challenge 1) It’s easy to show via Lost IS (Budget) how many conversions we’re missing out on without the mystery of changing CPCs that Lost IS (Rank) gives 2) Reallocating budgets based on CPA is much easier to predict outcomes – @akaEmmaLouise

Pretty used to being straight up with clients/bosses now. I feel like I don’t need to dance through hoops to please them. Let’s be real and face the facts, then put something in place to make things work/course correct. EDUCATING IS PART OF OUR JOB! – @markpgus

As much as I have done it 130+ times, the low volume one is always frustrating. is btec level 3 higher education It requires patience and lots of time, and more patience. Did I mention I’m not the most patient person? I also find it hard when they have ONE metric they’re obsessed with and won’t let my explanation of how things work together change that. “I just want traffic to the site” – okay, but do you want it to DO anything? – @amaliaefowler

those who don’t learn and don’t trust. If you’re so into what your nephew read on a defunct blog, by all means hire him and leave me out of it. If you want to have a real discussion with an expert – even *gasp* a LADY-EXPERT!!!! – then we’ll be fine.– @JuliaVyse

Being in house… I can’t just wash my hands clean because we don’t have the resources to be successful. Our LP and Creative is bad and we aren’t willing to invest in that internally… so we can’t just say this isn’t going to work. I don’t like shifting away from DR – @markpgus

Thinking that succseeful marketing in the digital space is somehow accomplished with pixie dust and a few dollars in 2 weeks time… Marketing has not changed. The tools we have available to get our messages in front of potential customers has. – @NeptuneMoon

When you use all your best tools to propose new goals for growth & then something cray happens and they become impossible to achieve. Goes back to resetting expectations and reminding clients that PPC isn’t magic…then pivot according to what makes sense in the data. Also, when clients are wanting to build brand awareness but there is little-to-no content available for promotion (on website or off). Or wanting to use LinkedIn but don’t have the budget for a quality test. Overall just misunderstandings about how PPC works. – @akaEmmaLouise

Sometimes you’re just focussing too much on Google Ads while actually the website is the problem. And then advising them to do some CRO can be a challenge. Personally I also find it hard to decide when to pull the plug on something. You kinda wanna make sure you did everything right. a level education means That makes you let things run for too long sometimes. That is why having good client communication is so important (but so hard sometimes) – @StephanieErne

If their web site is awful and fixing it is not possible or using a third party landing page solution can’t be done, I can’t produce results under those circumstances. I can’t in good conscience help someone spend $$ to advertise when I know results will suck. – @NeptuneMoon

I’m in it right now. The barrier is twofold – lack of understanding of the strategy that they’ve chosen to implement alongside improper maintenance of list. They have a strategy built around content, and no new content but the same list. – @amaliaefowler

Once had a client that was barely starting out. Just built an E-comm site, was starting to get into BIG retailers (Think Costco, Whole Foods, etc.) but little brand recognition at the time. They expected people to buy their candy online in BULK without tasting it. We’re talking a $45 MINIMUM order They refused to invest in TOFU because “WE HIRED AN AGENCY TO MAKE MONEY” – @markpgus

Out of the gate, non branded campaigns had horrible ROI (duh). I had to turn it all off because leadership didn’t want to invest if it didn’t have a positive ROI even though they were top of funnel. Main barrier was misunderstanding and unrealistic expectations. – @ericdfarmer

We had a client in the last few months focused on lead gen form fill-outs, and the only responses we received were spam/garbage/junk. This may have been the keywords we were working with, as well as the level of search intent. – @marccxmedia

I’d say 95% of everything I’ve attempted w/ LinkedIn. Targeting was spot on and so promising but CPCs and CVR just didn’t make it work the investment. Still getting lower CPLs across the board on FB and tons more volume. Not giving up hope yet but trying new things. – @akaEmmaLouise

Collaboration! First with my team to develop a plan, then with the client. I also always go in knowing what we promised to do, what we CAN do, and what we will not be able to do. what do you put for highest level of education My teaching experience has made educating clients much easier. – @amaliaefowler

Determining the underpinning element(s) is my first step in sleuthing out what is happening. Communication is key for this! Once I have a handle on that, I work out steps needed to address them to move concretely toward the end goal. – @NeptuneMoon

When doing agency work: First trying to get all noses pointed in the same direction. Sometimes you just have to tell them again that your working with each other not against each other. Especially when facing tough campaigns and not meeting targets. – @StephanieErne

First thing: figure out why it’s happening (or at least rule out what ISN’T causing it). Use that to develop a plan of attack and come to the client with honesty: here’s what happened, this is why (we think), here’s what we can do to respond, here’s what we expect. – @akaEmmaLouise

When optimizing in the account: actually make a game plan and hypotheses first. Check of the entire list. Also check for significant changes in the account that were made. And then not being afraid to make decisions and start testing stuff – @StephanieErne

Our game plan is an analysis of the account to see what’s working and what needs to be changed. This includes increased targeting (audiences, geo, etc.), removing all Broad Match keywords, adjusting bids, etc. If things turn around, great! If not . – @marccxmedia

I’ll take a step back. the study I do through being involded in #ppcchat , slack groups, reddit groups, reading blog articles, listening to podcasts, and talking to others is fundamental. I might not have heard of EVERY problem… but enough that I have an idea of what to do – @markpgus

after you’ve uncovered every stone, sometimes being straight forward is all you can do. Saying, “Look, this isn’t going the way we expected, and there isn’t much of anything that can be done to improve it”, and then following up with an alternative approach. – @JonKagan

When it is clear the client is unwilling to listen to reason, learn about what they may not know, or collaborate for the success of their business, we’re out. If it is impossible to communicate, then its going to be frustrating for everyone. – @amaliaefowler

a specific time and date to make a certain amount of revenue, with no access to the full funnel (content, sales, all channels). I’m not a marine, i’m not a shark, i’m not any metaphor for doing something profoundly unreasonable just for your fees. Take it elsewhere. – @JuliaVyse