pre college brown university The dumbarton express express bus service between the east bay and the peninsula

The dumbarton express is an all-day, limited stop bus service that takes riders from the east bay to the peninsula via the dumbarton bridge. With two bus routes, the DB and the DB1, riders can get almost anywhere within palo alto. Brown university notable alumni hop on the bus, pay fare with your clipper card and give your car a break!

In addition to free wifi, dumbarton express buses are equipped with ramps (for wheelchair/mobility aid users, or anyone who has trouble climbing steps). Friendly drivers, clean buses and comfortable seats help make your ride across the bridge pleasant.

In the east bay, local service is offered along the entire route between the union city BART station and the ardenwood park & ride lot. On the peninsula, local service is provided along the entire route between stanford research park and hamilton/willow rd.

The dumbarton express does not operate on saturdays or sundays. During the week, service on both lines is from approximately 5:30 a.M. To 8:45 p.M. With buses about every 20 minutes during peak travel periods. Check the DB schedule or the DB1 schedule for exact times.

The dumbarton express service consists of two bus lines, the DB and DB1, both originating at union city BART. It is administered and governed by AC transit, with oversight by the dumbarton bridge regional operations consortium (DBROC), comprised of AC transit, santa clara valley transportation authority (BART, samtrans, and union city transit. Operated and maintained by MV transportation, the dumbarton express is funded by regional measure 2.

As the administrator and governing agency for the dumbarton express, AC transit is committed to ensuring that no person is excluded from participation in, or denied the benefits of, its services on the basis of race, color, or national origin as protected by title VI of the civil rights act. AC transit also complies with the americans with disabilities act (ADA), which requires transportation providers to make reasonable modifications to ensure programs are accessible to individuals with disabilities. For more information on AC transit’s civil rights programs and the procedures to file a complaint, please contact us: actransit.Org/civilrights · (510) 891-5470 · TDD/TTY 711 · AC transit customer relations, 1600 franklin street, oakland CA 94612

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