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When it comes to creating an inclusive community for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, the City of Huntington ranks higher than many cities in West Virginia and across the country, according to a new report from the nation’s largest LGBTQ civil rights organization.

The Human Rights Campaign on Monday released its 2018 Municipal Equality Index, which ranked 506 U.S. cities of varying sizes on several factors, including nondiscrimination laws, municipal employment policies, inclusiveness of city services, law enforcement with regard to LGBTQ persons and municipal leadership on matters of equality.

Huntington received a score of 95 on a 100-point scale, which is in the top percentile of cities that were evaluated nationwide and, for the third consecutive year, is the highest score among cities that were evaluated in West Virginia.

Only 78 cities received a perfect score. The nationwide average was 58.

Huntington also for the second consecutive year was designated as an “All-Star” city for scoring above 85 points despite hailing from a state without LGBTQ-inclusive statewide non-discrimination laws. Across the country, 46 cities like these set a standard of LGBTQ inclusiveness with exemplary, best-practice policies such as local non-discrimination laws, providing transgender-inclusive health benefits for city employees and offering LGBTQ-inclusive city services.

“Huntington is becoming known as a city of honor, respect and compassion,” Mayor Steve Williams said. “And while I am pleased to know that we have made strides to become more inclusive in Huntington, our work is not done. We are organizing our community so that every person has a distinct and vested responsibility to advance our city’s prosperity.

“Our vision is that we embrace our diversity and actively seek inclusiveness as we learn to stand as one people celebrating our differences. higher level education We will be able to shape our future by assuring every person in our city has a seat at the table and has a voice to be heard.”

Love Your Block enables local governments to engage communities in neighborhood revitalization efforts benefiting low-income communities. The program will allow Huntington to hire two AmeriCorps VISTA members for two years to develop and implement a strategy for eliminating property blight in the West End of Huntington through home repairs, lot transformations and community clean-ups. Huntington will also receive $25,000 to be used for mini-grants and resources to support citizen groups’ and local nonprofits’ efforts to prevent or eliminate property blight.

This year’s Love Your Block competition was specifically targeted to legacy cities – older, industrial cities that have faced substantial population loss. The winning cities were selected based on potential for impact and clarity of vision for their proposed projects. They are:

"A recent study from the Urban Institute has shown us that the impact of Love Your Block goes beyond cleaning up neighborhoods and creating more park space," said Cities of Service Executive Director Myung J. level of education completed Lee. "It is also bringing neighbors together and strengthening communities. We are excited to help our cities revitalize neighborhoods, keep people in their homes, and build trust between cities and their people as part of these efforts."

The Urban Institute study found that the connection that Love Your Block forges between city leaders and citizens at the neighborhood level can be one of the most important catalysts for collective action by neighborhood residents. average annual income by education level This connection between city officials and citizens boosts the social capital exercised by citizens who plan and implement Love Your Block projects and strengthens social cohesion. Love Your Block volunteers believe their efforts also positively influence public safety and community ownership of public spaces.

Since 2009, Cities of Service has helped dozens of cities implement Love Your Block. More than 10,000 volunteers have been engaged to remove over 480,000 pounds of trash, clean up nearly 600 lots, and create more than 180 art displays, in addition to numerous other community projects.

Using the Cities of Service Love Your Block blueprint, city leaders will engage citizen volunteers and local nonprofits in co-creating solutions to urban blight. Cities of Service will provide expert technical assistance to winning cities for two years. Cities of Service City Hall AmeriCorps VISTA Love Your Block is made possible with support from Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS).

The mission of Greater Huntington Walks is for the Greater Huntington area to be viewed as a healthy and active community for people to live, work and visit. It aims to promote and enhance the health of people by encouraging walking and activity and working together to achieve a publicly-stated goal.

“Huntington is an extremely vibrant community with health-minded individuals and we want the world to know that,” said Fischer, who is also the chairman of the Greater Huntington Walks Committee. “With this thinking in mind, we developed a movement that every single person in Huntington and the Tri-State can participate in at no cost and contribute toward achieving a common goal.”

Joining the Greater Huntington Walks movement is easy. All you have to do is go to and create your own free profile. You can participate individually, create your own team, or join an existing team and challenge other community-based teams.

You do not need a wireless pedometer (i.e. Fitbit or Apple Watch) to participate. level 6 education If you have a smart phone, you can use the phone’s internal pedometer or you can enter your steps manually through the website or the free Walker Tracker mobile app. The mobile app will also synchronize to your smart phone’s internal pedometer so you do not have to manually add your number of steps.

Free pedometers will also be distributed to the first 1,500 participants who do not have a way to track their steps. The pedometers will be available at the launch of Greater Huntington Walks on July 17 at Pullman Square and at other locations across Huntington in the near future.

Prizes and incentives will be given to the individuals and teams who participate in the program and reach different milestones. Once an individual or team hits a milestone, they will win a prize and be entered into a quarterly drawing for a bigger prize like a Fitbit, Apple Watch or gym membership.