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Dr. Steding was born in cincinnati, ohio but chose indiana as her home at the age of 18 and never left. She completed her undergrad at indiana university in bloomington, indiana (B.S. Biology 2003), earned her ph.D. From indiana university school of medicine in indianapolis, indiana (2010) and postdoctoral fellow in medical and molecular genetics at indiana university school of medicine (2010-2013). She is now an assistant professor for the department of biology and works with the center for genomic advocacy.

Favorite music artist? I don’t have a favorite musical artist or even genre. It may sound indecisive but I love music from nearly every era and select whatever feels right in the moment.

This could be ballads from the ‘60s, cheesy pop from the ‘80s, or whatever streams to me from the past few years.

Favorite author? I am as voracious a reader as my time will allow and thus simply love all books.Indiana university I read everything from true crime to science fiction to whatever my kids want me to read to them. I am currently enjoying re-reading “A wrinkle in time” so that I can enjoy the new film with a fresh memory of the book. There is nothing quite like returning to a childhood favorite with the eyes of an adult.

What is your favorite place on ISU’s campus? My daughters will sometimes visit me on campus during the summer and, when possible, we spend our lunch by the pond watching the fish or reading. It is one of the most peaceful and beautiful places on campus.

What is your favorite ISU tradition? I enjoy participating in family day. It has been fun to participate in the excitement and engage with our broader ISU family. The center for genomic advocacy participates every year giving me the perfect opportunity to meet and talk with the family and friends of current students.

Why did you choose ISU? ISU is the type of university where the faculty and administration genuinely care about the students and community.Indiana university the unparalleled commitment to our students combined with the strong emphasis on community engagement makes ISU an ideal place for growth and development as an educator. I chose ISU because I loved the idea of working for a university that encouraged active faculty engagement with students beyond the classroom in arenas that include both community engagement and research.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would that be? Why? I have always wanted to travel to venice. I blame shakespeare for the obsession.

What did you study in college and why? I was lucky enough to be someone who knew what they enjoyed from an early age and thus the obvious choice for me was biology. The way cells work and create complicated organisms has always captivated me. The thing that college taught me was that my interests were specifically research science. The chance to work in a lab under the amazing instruction of dr.Center genomic advocacy charles baer and dr. Michael lynch showed me that I was bred for tedium. I can spend hours in front of a microscope and not even notice time passing. Biology remains the perfect fit for someone like me; a mix between tedious and exhilarating.

What is your best advice for students? I want to see students take advantage of office hours and get to know their professors. We are here to help but can only do so if you let us know what you need. I would rather spend every office hour helping students than using it as required desk time working on the next quiz or exam.

What is your greatest fear? Failure used to horrify me until I realized there was a plethora of things that I learned from the moments in my life I viewed as failures. This relatively new perspective has led to the recognition of my true fear. I fear losing the ability to learn. The thought that I might find a day when I stop learning something new truly terrifies me.Indiana university

What was the most difficult job you have ever had? The most difficult job I ever had was as a phone operator for a pizza company. My hometown has a pizza company so popular that all orders are routed through a central call center. Long ago in my youth, I thought it was the perfect job for a teenager with decent pay. I quickly learned how serious people are about their pizza and breadsticks.

After teaching, what do you see yourself doing? Teaching is something I will continue to do in some form for as long as possible. I do not really envision an after to it as I hope it is something I will get to do, in one way or another, for as long as I live.

What is your favorite quote or motto? Although the actual quote and origins may be inaccurate, I still find the statement powerful: “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” -eleanor roosevelt

Which class do you enjoy teaching the most? For the past few summers, I have gotten to teach one of the introductory courses in biology, BIO102.Indiana university this class provides a foundation for students in their first year and I love getting to be a part of their preparation and success in biology.

What do your students mean to you? In my opinion, the greatest moments for a teacher is the “I get it” moment we can bring to our students. My students mean a chance to be a part of that moment for them in all of its many incarnations. My students are the future of my field and I love getting to be a part of helping them find success and maybe even love in their chosen major.

What books should everyone read? I think that everyone should go back to both their favorite and least favorite books as a child and view it through the eyes of an adult. It is amazing what you can learn and see from the new perspective. This is particularly true of those assigned books that many of us couldn’t appreciate at the time.

What would you tell students who are looking into becoming teachers?Indiana university always remember what it is like to be a student. If you always keep in mind what it is like to be on that side of things, you will never lose sight of what your students need and how you might be able to facilitate their learning. The worst thing we can do as educators is forget what it is to learn something for the first time.