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The purpose of the project is to contribute to the development of international relations (IRs) management in HEIs in the MEDA region, in particular in Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, and Jordan. highest level of education survey question The project partnership is comprised of 3 European partners with expertise in institutional internationalization (UA, UPMF, and TUGM) and 12 partners from the MEDA region, hailing from Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Lebanon (2 per country). All seek to improve their international relations management. The project will focus on strengthening the know-how and management capacities of the staff of the partner universities, and to build efficient structures for international relations. The project includes different types of actions, including on-site observation sessions, human resources development for both top-level management (Strategic level) and IRO staff (Practical level), the development of strategic internationalization plans for the participant institutions and, the main output, a formalized regional network dedicated to internationalization.

All the activities are designed to be complementary and drive the participants towards a more innovative and united approach to internationalisation and the management of international relations.

An internationalization management model in partner institutions will be developed in order to provide appropriate knowledge and means to improve internationalization actions and activities that contribute to the sustainability of the international dimension of partner institutions in south neighbouring countries. The model aims at improving the institutional management processes of internationalization through establishing governance procedures that enhance internationalization within the university hierarchy of partner institutions, building their capacity, empowering them with references and guidelines in alignment to EU practices and encouraging them to share best-practices and develop strong partnership with EU partners. education level bachelor The model will be based on analyses of needs and capacities in partner HEIs and the experiences and best practices from EU partner institutions. This will then lead to producing a set of principles, priorities, guidelines and procedures to support HEIs to improve management of the internationalization processes at the institutional level.

The importance of relations between universities and their socio-economic environment has become a topical issue in Europe in the last 20 years, and has also been stressed within the implementation of the Bologna process. Whereas in most European countries, relations between Universities and enterprises have been developed and intensified during the past decade, Jordanian Universities are currently only starting to create strategies and instruments in this domain. education highest level completed The project is aimed at stimulating the development of a Jordanian university enterprise cooperation culture, by promoting good practice for implementing university based enterprise liaison offices in 8 Jordanian Universities, creation of capacities in human resources, promoting of coherent information and communication strategies among the Universities’ communities and within the local business environment as well as providing necessary strategic input for the creation of long-term partnerships and collaborative research with enterprises.