Ptsd, the hippocampus, and the amygdala – how trauma changes the brain – nicabm secondary level education

It’s really terrible that so many psychology professionals, researchers and even doctors just don’t have years of observation experience to understand that PTSD is a protection mechanism which develops in times of extreme danger. Therefore, it is NOT dysfunctional. It’s actually highly functional in order to survive danger. Understand-a person experiences extreme danger–that person becomes changed to survive extreme danger.

In those who do not develop PTSD, they are not going to survive danger as well those who do get PTSD. Therefore, those who do get it are actually more likely to survive danger, and they are stronger, faster, have faster reflexes and react much quicker to dangerous stimulus. You aren’t going to see as much of it from one traumatic experience as a war veteran who experienced extreme danger with many traumatic events for an entire year or more.

Flashbacks exist to allow for extremely fast reflexes, to bypass fear, to force an individual to spring into action, become immediately strong, fight like no other, and win at all costs, without thinking first. Get it? Flashbacks are actually NOT dysfunctional, they are highly functional taken in context of the situation.

To stop these memory imprints created to survive danger, and lower adrenaline levels in the extremely traumatized, one needs to rewrite the brain so to speak, much in the way a computer is rewritten with one operating system, in order to switch from another operating system. cse education level Make sense?

Over time, PTSD will make a person much more dysfunctional in regular everyday life, as adrenaline builds and causes damage to organ systems in the body, then making PTSD even worse. Adrenaline has been shown to kill neurons at higher levels, maybe the reason for the decrease in volume in parts of the brain? Seems likely. It also has effects on the heart, vascular system, and kidneys. 2nd level education It causes damage over time to keep super human powers. There is a trade off.

Please stop publishing articles on PTSD with misinformation about dysfunctional emotional processing. It’s not correct. If trauma is experienced over a long period of time, PTSD will develop, because that person’s mind has subconsciously reasoned the ability to survive future dangerous similar situations needs to be retained over a long period of time in order to survive.

“In those who do not develop PTSD, they are not going to survive danger as well those who do get PTSD. Therefore, those who do get it are actually more likely to survive danger, and they are stronger, faster, have faster reflexes and react much quicker to dangerous stimulus.”

I don’t happen to agree with you as people with PTSD don’t have the ability to evaluate situations accurately. If you’re constantly switched on to flight or flee response, you’re not likely to have the clarity of mind to make a decision as to whether a situation is actually dangerous and if so how dangerous? Sure if you have PTSD you’ll be good at fleeing but that is not always the appropriate response.So no your statement is wrong, people with PTSD might be faster at reacting to danger whether real or not, the fact that their nervous systems are on constant overdrive will mean that they will not be faster than someone without PTSD, in fact they are likely to make mistakes and die if they are in a real dangerous thought because they don’t have the benefit of a regulated nervous system that allows for clarity of thought when it matters most.

Flashbacks ARE dysfunctional because they are bit perceptions that surface that are intrusive, if they were functional super powers people with normal healthy functioning would have flashbacks all the time. They don’t and there is a reason for it.

I can understand why you would want to interpret these dysfunctions as helpful super powers because feeling a sense of powerlessness when you have PTSD will mean people will grasp at any explanation to resume a sense of some control. If you have had PTSD for years you will witness your life go downhill and you feel almost powerless to change it unless you get help.

What I do marvel at is the body- mind’s rather imperfect ability to make the best of a bad situation and being gripped in absolute fear creates a scenario where brain lock occurs and then after that you’re not living you’re existing within a limited pre-programmed reflex coming from the place of fear and fear alone. How can you possibly say that is functional? Or even helpful.Scary is more like it. what does education level mean PTSD is about extreme dysfunction that arises from a mechanism that is meant temporarily to protect you from further harm but lands up creating more damage in the long run, if left untackled.

On the plus side there is good news.A study was conducted that suggests that a mother can trauma proof a child by ensuring that she teaches the child self regulation and self soothing.Connection and bonding teaches the child to self sooth itself.(or rather it’s teaching the nervous system a way to stay regulated and stable under all conditions)Want to make it 100% better, then try love flooding the child and this not only allows the child to feel loved and accepted but also teaches the body to release oxytocin(feel good).Oxytocin is then released that counter balances the gripping affects of fear when the person is confronting a traumatic incident. It actually then calms down the nervous system and allowing it to bounce back quickly without any permanent dysfunction or maladaptive coping mechanisms.

Try this out for size: once a day for three months, sit quietly and actually talk to yourself calmly like you would to a friend who you’re trying to reassure.Talk to yourself in a way to sooth your fears etc…. for a minimum of 30 minutes. Ensure you are deeply relaxed when you do this. I always listen to music to relax before I do this but you can do whatever gets you in a receptive state. Even if what you say to yourself doesn’t feel true: for example you can say” I feel totally and blissful safe in my body”, the aim is not so much what you say in the beginning but rather the loving calming tone of voice.At the end of the session bring up a happy memory where you were being loved and cherished with a loved one and allow that memory to expand into your body.(you can always imagine it if you have never had an experience like this) If your body is starting to feel warm and even tingly then you know you are doing it right.

So let me tell you what happens after 3 months of this: your sleep will improve massively, you will feel less days of feeling fearful for no reason and in my case, my aches and pains disappeared. I was pain free for the first time in years. In 6 months of this practise the results were even more spectacular, but don’t take my word for it, try it out yourself. This works. It’s something so simply that done continuously with practice actually re-wires the brain into being more resilient. It has been a godsend in reducing and in many cases getting rid of my PTSD symptoms all together. Obviously this is just one tool that can be used along with others.

I have PTSD an have been in an out of therapy for half my life. On every medication an had Electric Shoke Treatments 12 times. An honestly nothings helped me. My fear in my conscience has never left. I would have to be brain dead to not get a trigger of some sort at anytime i see or hear of an association.

Isolation works for me. what is education level All people do is make judgements. Im tired of dealing with ignorant people that think i should be what society says we should be. There’s nothing wrong how i want to live my life. Im so sick an tired of having to be an do what the certain criteria is that society has made for being a person. highest level of education attained question Theres nothing wrong with being who i am an how i feel. But society says there is. I am who i am an im tired,of trying to fix myself an be someone im not to fit in. Thats the problem with the world. People have been taught to not accept one another for who they are. Everyone has a problem with one another. Its sicking an very very sad.its no wonder we have so many suicides. We’re not allowed to think we’re ok.