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The National Core Indicators (NCI) is a way the state and regional centers learn about the California service system. The State Council on Developmental Disabilities may ask to interview you for NCI. The interview is voluntary, that means you can choose to be interviewed or not. level 5 higher education If you do answer the NCI questions, your information will be confidential and will not affect your services. During the interview they will ask you questions about your life, the services you receive and your community. You may bring a support staff, family member or friend to help you.

Your answers will help the state know how California is doing compared to other states. It will also help the regional centers see what they are doing well and what they can improve. germany education level The law requires California to interview people receiving services.

Each year, 400 people from each regional center are interviewed. Each person is asked the same questions.

You can find user-friendly results from the surveys below. highest education level if in college You can find the results for California or your regional center in the link below. The manual " 10 Easy Steps to using the NCI" can show you how to use the NCI reports to make changes where you live.

THERE ARE FOUR TYPES OF NCI SURVEYS used in California. The first year of implementation (2010/2011) each type of surveys was implemented. The surveys were then distributed every three years. The table below shows the current implementation schedule.

The Adult In-Person Survey is conducted face to face with an individual who is 18 years or older and receiving services, in addition to case management, from the regional center. There is more information below on the different parts of this survey type. what is the meaning of a level education Our goal is to interview 400 people being served by each of the 21 regional centers.

• The Section II of the survey may be answered by the individual or someone who knows the person well (proxy respondent)-such as a family member, friend, staff person, guardian, or advocate. Service coordinators or case managers are not allowed to respond to questions in this section.

The Child Family Survey is a survey that is mailed to families with children ages 3-18 years old living with them who receive at least one service from a regional center, in addition to case management. The survey is mailed to all available and valid family addresses who meet the criteria, participation is voluntary and confidential. The survey asks families about information and planning; access and community connection; choice and control; and family involvement.

The Adult Family Survey is mailed to all available families whose loved one (age 18 and over) is living with them and receives at least one service from a regional center, in addition to case management. education and income level Participation is voluntary and information is confidential.

The Family Guardian Survey is mailed to families and conservators of individuals who are age 18 and over and live in a community placement setting, and receives at least one service from a regional center, in addition to case management. Participation is voluntary and information is confidential.

Each regional center will have 400 names of individuals that are selected random and asked to participate. Participation is voluntary and appreciated. To learn more about how NCI results are used for quality improvement initiatives, follow the link below.