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(B) eligible for certification as a therapeutic recreation specialist, therapeutic recreation assistant, or an activities professional by a recognized accrediting body, such as the national council for therapeutic recreation certification, on october 1, 1990; or

(4) has completed an activity director training course approved by any state. The texas department of human services (DHS) does not review or approve any courses. DHS accepts training courses approved by a recognized credentialing body, such as the national certification council for activity professionals, the national therapeutic recreation society, or the consortium for therapeutic recreation/activities certification, inc.

(c) activity directors must complete eight hours of approved continuing education or equivalent continuing education units each year.

Approval bodies include organizations or associations recognized as such by certified therapeutic recreation specialists or certified activity professionals or registered occupational therapists.

(d) the facility must ensure that activities assessment and care planning are completed and reviewed or updated as provided in ¬ß19.801 and ¬ß19.802 of this title (relating to resident assessment and comprehensive care plans). If indicated by the resident assessment instrument (RAI) and/or the resident’s need, an in-depth activities assessment is required.

The first step to determine which track you will follow for activity director certification (ADC credentials) depends upon your college background. Visit http://www.Nccap.Org and click on certification on the home page. Amican this will take you to levels of certification. Click on activity director certification and you will see the tracks. You can also investigate the provisional certification track as well.

Depending upon your college background, you may be eligible to apply for provisional certification now. It sounds as if you have the work experience and ceu’s already. If you don’t have college credits, you could complete MEPAP part 1 and then be eligible to apply for provisional certification, as long as you have the amount of ceu’s and work experience required. American university masters programs you will then have 6 years to complete the other 2 components in order to apply for ADC level. Also, if you are certified on any level by 12/31/11, you will not have to take the national exam that is set to be implemented starting 01/01/12 for all initial applicants.

I have had a full, rich career in business in public relations as a sr vp, managing 12 professionals and as an agency owner for 12 years. I have a BA in speech and theater arts from the SUNY albany. I have also been a director of religious education and have recruited and trained over 70 volunteers each year (7 years). Finally I worked at the association for the retarded in san diego when I first graduated from college many years ago. I helped end with a weekly bowling program and the special olympics and volunteered in the day care center.

My father was in a nursing home for 5 years and now my mother is in a nursing home for the past 6 years. I am a very active member of the family council and have led a subcommittee that meets with the administrator of the faciiy to address concerns about quality of life issues. One of our major concerns is the poorly managed activities and the less than minimum activities offered. I have been very involved in bringing about some changes in the activities.

NCCAP does not grandfather in for certification. You will have to follow one of the 4 tracks and complete all of the required components to be eligible for certification. This does include both MEPAP part 1 and MEPAP part 2. The courses will not be difficult for you to complete.

You can also get TX state certified but, TX certification would only be recognized in texas where NCCAP certification is recognized in all states. TX certification still requires MEPAP part 1 and MEPAP part 2 along with the national exam. Once you have completed these 3 things, you are eligible to apply for TX state certification.

Texas also recognizes MEPAP part 1 as a qualifying training course so if you do not want to follow through with getting your state or national certification, you can be a qualified director by completing MEPAP part 1 only. You can always go back at a later time and get the certification if you want. Once you have part 1 complete, you don’t have retake it if/when you choose to get certified.

I am a neuromuscular therapist. I have been working in my field for 8 years. Top universities scotland I see mostly elderly clients. Most of my clients come to see me for pain management, due to arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc. I really feel connected to this community of people. I am also a folk artist. I paint, draw, make jewelry, etc. I was born with the creative bug for sure. Art and therapy go hand in hand for me. I feel I could do so much more with my art and therapy knowledge combined with this training. The literature is a bit confusing to me however. Do you have to have 5 years experience as an activities director before you can even apply? Would the work I have done over the last eight years count for anything towards that? How long does the course take? How would I need to go about getting my clinical or proctored hours in? I have not done activities work in an assisted living home before. I do however, help elderly patients with strength and flexibility, to keep them mobile. George washington university athletics I don’t know if this is the right path for me, but I am very interested in whatever information you can give me. Thanks so much.