Quick takes what wasn’t announced at apple event, carplay vehicles at new york auto show, and more – mac rumors yale address

Apple’s invite made it very clear that the event would be focused on education announcements, but there were still quite a few hardware and software possibilities that had a slim chance of being—but ultimately weren’t—mentioned:

• lower-priced macbook air: KGI securities analyst ming-chi kuo said a more affordable macbook air will launch in the second quarter of 2018. Bloomberg’s mark gurman said the notebook probably wouldn’t be ready for tuesday’s event, which proved to be the case.

When to expect it: apple has refreshed the macbook, macbook air, and macbook pro in april or may before, and announced the updates via press releases, so that’s one possibility. Otherwise, the new macbook air will likely debut at WWDC 2018 on june 4, near the end of the second quarter.

• airpower: A trio of reports claimed apple’s multi-device charging mat will be available to order by the end of march.IPhone iphone however, despite apple’s online store going down ahead of tuesday’s event, the airpower wasn’t anywhere to be found when the site came back online.

When to expect it: there are still two weekdays remaining in march, so there’s a possibility the airpower could be added to apple’s online store within 48 hours. Otherwise, the reports may have been off the mark. Apple has only confirmed that the airpower will be available at some point in 2018.

• A second-generation iphone SE: apple unveiled the current iphone SE in march 2016, and given multiple rumors about a so-called iphone SE 2, the new version could have debuted at the chicago event. However, KGI securities analyst ming-chi kuo had already cast doubt on the idea.

When to expect it: A sketchy chinese report recently claimed that apple will unveil a new iphone SE at WWDC 2018 in june.Securities analyst while certainly a possibility, apple hasn’t introduced a smartphone at the event since the iphone 4 in 2010. Beyond WWDC, a new iphone SE could conceivably be announced in september alongside a new iphone X and iphone X plus.

IPhone X in gold rendered by michael flux• gold or (PRODUCT)RED edition iphones: rosenblatt securities analyst jun zhang and twitter account onleaks said apple may release a (PRODUCT)RED edition of the iphone 8, iphone 8 plus, and/or iphone X. Ben geskin and japanese website mac otakara expect a gold iphone X.

When to expect it: on march 21, 2017, apple unveiled a special (PRODUCT)RED edition of the iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus. If it plans on doing similar this year, then perhaps we’ll see a wave of press releases highlighting availability of the new colors and the airpower very soon.PRODUCT edition

When to expect it: apple said ios 11.3 will be available in the spring, which began last week. There has already been six beta versions, and ios 11.3 was released for the new ipad just hours ago, so it’s very likely the update will be available in a matter of days.

Apple’s last education-focused event prior to tuesday was in january 2012 in new york, where it announced ibooks 2 with interactive textbooks, ibooks author, and a new version of itunes U for ipad.

Just over six years later, many teachers and IT directors for school systems were eager to see what apple had in store for them. And now that the event has concluded, many of those individuals have shared their initial thoughts, which aren’t entirely positive. We’ve rounded up some articles below:

Today is press day at the new york international auto show, which opens to the public on friday.Securities analyst many automakers have unveiled vehicles compatible with carplay, including the 2019 toyota corolla hatchback and 2019 lexus UX:

Haha lets jump on the wagon. This is truly embarrassing of them, not that they did not release the product in this event, but the fact this product has them seemingly stumped is hilarious. My toothbrush has this technology licked ffs.

Apple makes great products & run a seemingly decent business considering. But they do not deserve half the credit they get, not anymore anyways. Considering their technical experience and financial strength their performance is extremely underwhelming lately, almost like the captain steering the ship does not know what he is doing.

Why does every single venture they tackle seem to be an uphill battle all the way to the top?PRODUCT edition why is getting a refresh on an mac mini so effin difficult, why does siri suck so damn much… What happened to the apple that made it look easy?