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Mainly we will have to see development of our tier II and tier III cities where may be plotted development is possible. American university campus tour if you take case of all our metros it is no more possible to have individual houses and we will have to go only for high rise structures. For these structures we can have either R.C.C frame or steel frame. For steel frame again fire protection becomes very important and then overall cost will go up. For concrete frame construction, weight of individual component is a very important issue and use of heavy cranes, skilled labour is also very essential. For this to happen we will have to have factories manufacturing various concrete components. We also have problem of getting good building material, for example sand is always in short supply due to govt mining policy.

Added to this problem is different bye laws in each city which are normally framed under the pressure of builders and they keep on changing every now and then.

So unless we have stability in the govt and its policies no body will come forward to establish factories for ready to install houses.

Our climate is also a very important element as we have extreme heat and extreme cold climate in many parts of the country and so expansion and contraction of materials become a major issue.So lot of research is required to be carried out on this. Ranking of american universities there is no point in importing some system from foreign countries and using it in india. We use metric system for measurements while major foreign countries use feet and inches for their measurements and so it is very difficult to tailor our construction system to their measurements. For example 1 ft x 1 ft tile is 305 mmx 305 mm in metric system which is very difficult to accommodate in modular dimensions.

We at worldhaus try and keep innovating various construction products / technology which can reduce the cost, but enhance the quality of living through a permanent shelter with best of ambiance. Washington university address putting in simple words we can construct a house in 20 to 30 days and hence save a lot of money in term of labor, apart from our patented roofing and wall panels (imported )still maintaining the lowest prices.

Kindly find the drop box links attached for better clarity and understanding of our completed and ongoing projects.Any amenities required can be added on and any type of moderate or luxury fittings can be put on. The major cost saving is in the volume, we need to have a sustainable amount of houses to be built in the same locality then it works out really affordable.

RapidPanels™ are non-toxic, sealed cell humidity resistant, and come with a thermal resistance(R) value of 12. A home built with insulated rapidpanels™ not only decreases summer indoor temperatures by up to 8°C, but can also reduce AC/cooling bills between 25-50%, reducing your home’s environmental impact and passing on significant savings over the lifetime of the home.

In this field of ultra fast construction ,A ten story building which was constructed in 48 hours is an achievement using this concept that you are already aware of. The record set by an indian entrepreneur even today stands as no one has tried to duplicate it.

Intellect and eagerness to multiply the velocity of working resulted into instacon concept that revolutionizes the construction of multi-storey building limiting the site work from years into mere couple of days. Synergy’s reputation and feat is based on our knack to be receptive and performing, meeting the needs of the client in terms of quality, time line and budget. Universidad america we pride ourselves on our panache to realize client’s requirements and connect with them through each and every step of our process.

Requirement of site offices/ porta cabins/anganwadi/labour colony/ storages/ shelters/ police barracks/ site offices/ universities/ hospitals/hatcheries and other multi storey buildings etc. We are supplying these turnkey prefab structures to all major solar/ infrastructure companies