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Gov. Kim reynolds signed a bill into law wednesday morning that cuts $10.9 million from two of iowa’s public universities as part of last-minute budget changes necessary to keep the state’s fiscal year 2018 budget positive, with just a few months left until its conclusion.

Around mid-march, both the iowa house and senate approved a budget reversion bill that cuts $10.9 million from the iowa board of regents’ current fiscal year — which ends june 30 — as part of reductions to help balance the state’s budget shortfall. The bill became official this week after gaining reynolds’ signature, and the regents are now tasked with deciding how much of the financial burden iowa state university and the university of iowa will need to shoulder with a three-month deadline on the horizon.

The university of northern iowa was exempted from the cuts contained in senate file 2117 because the school reportedly has a high rate of in-state students who pay lower tuition rates than the other two institutions.Fiscal year

“the state’s move to take back promised funds for the second year in a row makes this an especially difficult situation, but iowa state university is strong and resilient,” said ISU president wendy wintersteen in a message to the campus last week. “we will face these challenges together to seek the best possible outcome for our students, faculty and staff.”

According to the budget reversion bill, the recent cuts to the board of regents are the highest, compared to a $4.3 million reduction from the department of human services, $3.4 million from the department of corrections and $1.6 million from the judicial branch, among others.

While no announcements have been made yet in determining how the cuts to the regents will be distributed and how much they will impact ISU, board of regents executive director mark braun said in a news release that the regents will work with the universities to implement reductions in ways that have as little impact on students as possible.Braun said

“I am working with the senior vice presidents to develop a plan to implement the mid-year budget reduction while mitigating the impact on our teaching, research, and extension excellence, and critical student services,” wintersteen said in her campus message. “we also will engage university leaders across campus to provide input on this plan.”

The mid-year cuts will be discussed in more depth during the regents’ april 11 and 12 meeting in council bluffs, along with the topic of university tuition rates for the 2018-19 academic year.

Last october, the scheduled first reading of 2018-19 tuition was delayed, as additional time was needed to consider how much money would be cut from the board of regents to help the state get through a budget shortfall. At the regents’ feb. 22 meeting at ISU, president michael richards said active studying has been done regarding tuition increases for resident undergraduate students at rates of 4 percent or less.Budget reversion

As of now, what the 2019 state appropriations levels will look like for the board of regents has yet to be discussed in-depth. In the news release, braun said the board is maintaining its support for its fiscal year 2019 appropriations request, which includes $12 million in resident undergraduate financial aid.

“the state of iowa ranks last in the nation in need-based financial aid to public university students,” braun said. “we will work with the governor and general assembly to ensure iowa public universities receive the level of funding that is needed to provide the quality education that our students deserve.”