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• We firmly believe that your industry education should be of the highest quality and so we would rather cut our prices and have you receive our high-quality courses than see you spend your hard-earned cash on inferior experiences with someone else.

• We strongly believe in the need for quality industry courses and as such we have made the non-assessable versions of our courses freely available to all students without payment. Read the notes, watch the videos, and take the course all for free.

• In the case of the NSW RSA you will receive an official Liquor & Gaming NSW (OLGR) interim certificate which allows you to work immediately. highest level of education in progress Your Photo Card will be sent to your nominated shipping address once you have had your photo taken at a nominated Government Service Centre – Click here to find your closest Service Centre

• Most other training organisations operate only in the business hours of the state in which they are physically located. This can cause real delays if you answer a question incorrectly and become locked out, or if you run into some other issue.

excluding persons who satisfy the secondary criteria, but not the primary criteria, under the Migration Regulations 1994 for the grant of the visa, or a secondary exchange student within the meaning of the Migration Regulations 1994, or an overseas student who has been approved under a scholarship scheme, or an exchange scheme, sponsored by the Commonwealth to undertake a course of study or training in Australia.

“Overseas Students” can only enrol in nationally recognised courses with training organisations who are registered on CRICOS as specified in Section 8 of the ESOS Act. highest level of education completed options EOT is not registered on CRICOS and have no plans to register on CRICOS in the future.

Any person who is not an Australian citizen must have their visa status verified before they can enrol in any nationally recognised course. This check requires the submission of the person’s passport/immiCard number and country of issuance, which is then verified automatically using the Department of Home Affairs’ VEVO system.

General misconduct is where a learner acts dishonestly, harasses other learners or staff, interferes with students or staff, prevents or disrupts the learning of others, disobeys/fails to comply with contractual or legal requirements, damages or steals EOT property or Intellectual Property (IP) or the property of others, alters, defaces or improperly accesses EOTs documents or records, prejudices the reputation of EOT or otherwise acts in an improper manner.

General misconduct includes the misuse of any facility in a manner which is illegal or which is or will be detrimental to the rights or property of others. This includes the misuse, in any way, of any computing or communications equipment or capacity to which the learner has access.

Academic misconduct is defined as any attempt to cheat, falsify, plagiarise or otherwise act dishonestly in undertaking an assessment task, or assisting other learners to do so. This includes any attempt to gain advantage from unauthorised possession or use of EOTs learning or assessment materials or other intellectual property.

Learners may be accused of cheating if they seek to gain advantage by unfair means such as copying another students’ work, or in any way mislead or deceive a trainer/assessor about their knowledge, identity, ability, or the amount of original work they have done. Cheating can include collusion or plagiarism or any other method of presenting the work of another person without acknowledgment or referencing.

Cheating may also include breaching any process for undertaking assessment tasks, compromising the assessment activities of other learners, or impersonating a learner or facilitating a person to impersonate a learner in any assessment activity.

Appeals must be lodged in writing with the Training Operations Manager by writing to within 20 days of the date of the learner being notified of the penalty. The appeal process commences within 10 working days from the date of receipt of the learner’s appeal.

In the event that a learner has engaged in academic misconduct or general misconduct and the penalty includes cancellation of enrolment resulting in the learner being unable to receive the unit of competency, and/or exclusion from other EOT courses, EOT will review the offence to determine if there are grounds for a refund.

Whether or not a refund is granted is at the discretion of EOT. parents education level A decision will be made in line with EOT’s Refund Policy. If a refund is granted, EOT will deduct an administration fee from the refund amount for time and resources used in providing administrative support services to the learner.