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Dan walters, calmatters: after decades of shameful neglect of california’s vital transportation network, gov. Jerry brown and the legislature last year enacted a multi-billion-dollar package of new fees and fuel taxes. It was the right thing to do, and if it merits any criticism, it is that it took too long and may fall short of meeting the need. Nevertheless, the california republican party is trying to place a repeal measure on the november ballot, hoping to capitalize on polls showing that californians don’t much cotton to paying higher taxes to drive. Read more.

Allen hernandez: developers point a finger at the california environmental quality act as a key obstacle to building more housing.

But today’s streamlined CEQA protects public health and natural resources while giving voice to disadvantaged communities.Federal government read more.

Tom torlakson, brian mcdaniel and michael hayden: as educators, we can no longer sit on the sidelines. Teachers need gun control, not guns. And kids need to march for their lives. Read more.

Tara siegel and holly trochet: african american girls say taunts drove them from mira loma high’s elite college prep program in sacramento. A school climate assessment would address such bullying. Read more. More takes on jeff sessions

Los angeles times editorial board: oddly, we (sort of) welcome the trump administration’s legal challenge on immigration in hopes that it will clarify not just for state officials, but for the federal government where the lines of responsibility and culpability might lie. We suspect the courts will side with california on most if not all of the legal issues session’s lawsuit raises, and in the process could underscore the reality that california’s menu of state and local laws limiting involvement with federal immigration enforcement do not offer anyone anything remotely like sanctuary.Federal government read more.

San francisco chronicle editorial board: attorney general jeff sessions paraded into sacramento wednesday brandishing the administration’s latest lawsuit against california, aptly embodying president trump’s war on immigrants. Sessions cynically compared the federal attack on california’s sanctuary laws, which limit official and private cooperation with the administration’s effort to purge the state of undocumented immigrants, to the federal struggle with the south over slavery and segregation. The difference, of course, is that the former alabama senator and the president are using the power of the federal government to promote rather than end official racism. Read more.

Jeff sessions just called me an embarrassment. A man whose legacy is targeting immigrants, re-waging the failed war on drugs, sucking-up to private prison profiteers, and apologizing for white supremacists…Federal government I take that as a HUGE compliment.— gavin newsom (@gavinnewsom) march 7, 2018

"How dare you. How dare you needlessly endanger the lives of law enforcement just to promote your radical open borders agenda." – jeff sessions to oakland mayor @libbyschaaf.— FAIR (@fairimmigration) march 7, 2018

Orange county register: A proposed ballot initiative requiring disneyland resort and any large hospitality business receiving subsidies from the city of anaheim to pay an $18 minimum wage seeks to wrongly involve government in a situation that could use less government involvement. Because, whatever valid criticisms there are to make of disney and subsidies generally, the minimum wage won’t solve the problems proponents want solved. Read more.

San diego union-tribune: has the united states – which has generally been a champion of free trade since world war II – been the victim of unfair trading practices by other nations?Federal government certainly. But instead of responding to unfair practices in a targeted way, president donald trump says he’ll impose a 25 percent tariff on imported steel and a 10 percent tariff on imported aluminum – across the board. The sins of china are thus visited upon many of our closest allies, starting with canada. Read more.

San jose mercury news: A suggestion for oscar winner frances mcdormand’s next move: three billboards. Outside hollywood. “still no inclusion riders?” “how come, hollywood elite?” “only 6 of 39 oscars went to women in 2018.” for all the talk about respecting women sunday during the oscars, the parade of winners was dominated by men. It was appalling to discover that the number of women – six – receiving the top awards was the lowest since 2012, when only four women were honored.Federal government read more.

Santa rosa press democrat: california had more than 9,100 wildland fires in 2017, according to cal fire data, burning across more than 1.2 million acres. The largest was in southern california in december, the most destructive was here in sonoma county two months earlier. California’s mutual-aid system, created in 1950, has been described as the gold standard for wildland firefighting. But the resources haven’t kept pace with the growing threat in a state where almost a third of all homes are in areas bordering on forests, grasslands and other natural vegetation. Read more. Syndicates’ take

E.J. Dionne jr., washington post: liberal democracy is in crisis. While authoritarian forms of populism are dangerous and must be resisted, other forms can contribute to democracy’s well-being.Editorial board read more.

Thomas L. Friedman, new york times: it’s only a matter of time before king salman turns over the reins of power to crown prince mohammed bin salman, who’s already the effective ruler. MBS is not a democrat, nor is he interested in promoting democracy. He’s a modernizing autocrat. Read more.

Keith larson, charlotte observer: the rev. Billy graham wouldn’t want a national holiday. Government’s recognition of billy graham should cease because billy graham the humble follower of christ knew the last thing jesus himself cared about was official recognition. Read more.

Dana milbank, washington post: republican lawmakers were, by and large, OK with all manner of outrage. But now president trump has at last gone too far. He has proposed tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum.Editorial board and the republican party is in an all-out revolt. Read more.

Trudy rubin, philadelphia inquirer: steve bannon went to italy to root for the neo-fascists and populists who trounced italy’s traditional parties in this week’s election. Donald trump’s ex-chief political strategist, who avidly encouraged the president’s most populist and nationalist instincts, now sees italy as the model for the american future. Read more. Mailbag

“it seems to me the new caltrans director isn’t following the governor’s directions. Spending the 12 cent gas tax to rebuild bridges so that large trucks don’t have to detour doesn’t solve two of the most serious problems facing the public today.” – john thomas west, sacramento