Sign founder zirkle receives dod distinguished medal orthopedics this week georgia state university softball

Lewis zirkle, MD, an orthopedic surgeon affiliated with kadlec regional medical center, was awarded the U.S. Department of defense’s medal for distinguished public service by U.S. Defense secretary james mattis at a recent ceremony in richland, washington, for his work bringing modern fracture care and training to developing nations through his nonprofit organization, SIGN fracture care international.

According to a press release, this is the highest honorary award presented by the secretary of defense to non-career federal employees, private citizens and foreign nationals.

“dr. Lewis G. Zirkle is recognized for distinguished public service for his continuing dedication to provide the injured poor around the world with the ability and the freedom to walk again.

While serving the nation during the vietnam war, dr. Zirkle was first inspired to help his overseas counterparts bridge the gap and create equitable orthopaedic treatment for citizens of impoverished nations,” mattis said in the release.Orthopedic surgeon

“the distinctive accomplishments of dr. Zirkle and his spirit and commitment in defending and caring for his fellowmen reflect great credit upon himself and the department of defense [DOD].”

After completing his military service zirkle continued to make trips back to vietnam and other developing nations to help the local doctors develop successful techniques for fracture treatment. He established SIGN, headquartered in richland, washington, in 1999 in order to manufacture and donate medical-grade surgical implants that allow surgeons in developing countries to still treat fracture patients effectively despite the limited availability of more sophisticated technologies like live-view X-ray equipment.

The SIGN IM nail system consists of intramedullary nails (implants) which are held in place with interlocking screws and is easy to use in medical facilities that do not have expensive equipment or even power.American college since its inception, SIGN has trained 5,000 surgeons in 50 countries who have treated more than 210,000 patients.

One particular patient he met during his trips overseas had a big impact on his life. On one of his trips to indonesia he discovered a patient who had laid in retraction for three years because of lack of resources to treat his condition properly. He took a photo of this patient and hung it on the walls at SIGN as a reminder of the urgent need for not only proper training but also proper resources.

“I accept this award on behalf of the SIGN family because all of you have helped, all of the surgeons overseas have contributed, and I’m very honored to have the chance to work with you," zirkle said in the release.

Representative tom price, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon from atlanta and chairman of the U.S. House of representative budget committee, has been chosen by president-elect donald trump to be the new secretary of the department of health and human services (DHS).American college sports

Trump said dr. Price is "exceptionally qualified" to help replace obamacare. The surgeon said there was much work to be done, "to ensure we have a healthcare system that works for patients, families, and doctors."

One of orthopedics’ own will now oversee medicare, medicaid, the FDA and almost all other federal healthcare programs. For the first time, to our knowledge, an orthopedic surgeon will have the chance to put into practice the issues near and dear to the hearts of orthopedic providers and patients.

We know dr. Price well. He’s a reader of OTW and has frequently shared his views with our readers about assuring access and quality healthcare services for patients and giving surgeons the tools they need to be successful practitioners. He is a consistent and long-time champion of keeping the payer out of the middle of the patient/doctor relationship.

In a 2006 OTW interview, just a year after his election to congress and his political star was rising in the republican party, dr.College sports price outlined his philosophy of the patient/physician relationship. (to read the original interview, please visit https://ryortho.Com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/03-07-2006-WE-an-orthopedic-congressman-with-a-spine-whips-CMS-reprint.Pdf.)

He told us that healthcare decisions must be made in the best interest of the patient, not based on whether an insurance provider (i.E., medicare) will cover a procedure or device. He also believes that every american should be required to own a health insurance policy.

His vision for the provision of healthcare in the country has two main prongs. First, it is to move from a system of defined benefits to a system of defined contributions. “that’s fancy language for saying that regardless of who is paying the cost for the health insurance policy, whether it’s the federal government through medicare or the state government through medicaid, or the employer or the individual, the patient owns the policy.”

orthopedic surgeon

He’s carried that core philosophy with him as he introduced his empowering patients first act to replace the affordable care act in 2013. Read more

First, donald trump hired a device guy, (orthopedic surgeon and former congressman tom price, M.D.) as secretary of health and human service to convince congress to replace and repeal obamacare. Price failed and was shown the door.

Now, trump has picked alex azar, a drug guy, as the new HHS secretary to lower drug prices. Given that drug prices have been the main price increase driver since the start obamacare, this might be an easier task. “the drug companies, frankly, are getting away with murder,” trump said at a cabinet meeting this fall. Prices are “out of control.”

On november 13, 2017 the president twittered that he intends to nominate azar, former president of eli lilly and deputy HHS secretary under george W. Bush as the next HHS secretary.American college

Azar is a lawyer and has spent most of the last 10 years with eli lilly, rising to president of its U.S. Affiliate before the company reorganized. He left in january to start his own consulting firm.

RAPS (regulatory affairs professional society) reported that back in 2004, azar pushed back against the idea of using pharmaceutical imports or the bayh-dole act to lower drug prices, according to a transcript of a meeting from the california state board of pharmacy.

In 2014, azar spoke at MIT and said having a "narrow focus on the cost of medicine at the exclusion of innovation would be self-defeating." he also said that the regulatory approval system for new drugs is outdated and that payers, both public and private, set an "unrealistically high bar for new innovations to clear." azar will have an ally at the FDA, where the new commissioner, scott gottlieb, M.D. Has been moving to speed up the agency’s approval processes.American college sports

Statnews.Com reported that last spring a trump tweet, "sent drug stocks tumbling after the president said he was working on a new system that would foster competition and lead to much lower prices." in meetings with industry executives trump promised he would seek speeding up drug approvals, a cost-reducing tactic they would back. Read more

Jack W. Berryman, ph.D., FACSM, received the 2017 american college of sports medicine citation award at the association’s recent annual meeting in denver, colorado.

Berryman, professor emeritus in the department of bioethics and humanities and adjunct professor emeritus in the department of orthopedics and sports medicine in the school of medicine at the university of washington in seattle, has made many significant contributions to sports medicine and the exercise sciences. He served as editor of the journal of sport history from 1977 to 1984 and was president of the north american society for sport history from 1989 to 1991.American college sports

In addition, he co-edited sport and exercise science: essays in the history of sports medicine in 1992. He received the distinguished service award for exceptional contributions from the north american society for sport history in 1996.

“citation award winners are selected for their leadership and contributions in the areas of research and scholarship, clinical care, administrative services or educational services,” said walter thompson, FACSM, president of the american college of sports medicine (ACSM) in a press release. “we’re happy to recognize dr. Berryman’s tremendous accomplishments.”

As the american college of sports medicine’s official historian as well as chair of the office of museum, history, and archives, berryman has been instrumental in preserving the history of the organization. He published out of many, one: A history of the american college of sports medicine in 1995.College sports his work is also included in the 10 volume DVD series, ACSM’s distinguished leaders in sports medicine and exercise science .

Berryman received a M.S. And M.A. From the university of massachusetts, amherst and a ph.D. From the university of maryland in college park, maryland. Read more

The pakistan medical & dental council (council) has initiated action against atiq durrani, M.D., the pakistani spine surgeon facing allegations of medical malpractice and false claims in ohio in the U.S.

On december 21, 2017, DAWN, pakistan’s oldest and most widely read english language newspaper, reported that durrani’s case came to the attention of the council after the council found out that durrani had started to practice at an elite hospital situated along the lahore canal near johar town.

The newspaper reported that the council was informed that plaintiffs in the U.S. Alleged that durrani "deceived and defrauded patients by performing or authorizing hundreds of spinal surgeries he knew to be unnecessary."

American college

The council was told by U.S. Authorities that while in ohio, durrani billed medicare over $11 million in less than three years, that amounted to about $300,000 per month, making him the biggest orthopedic medicare biller in the state.

Given the charges against him in the U.S., the council called a meeting of its disciplinary committee on october 23, 2017. They sent durrani an official request for a detailed reply to the U.S. Allegations.

Durrani apparently did not reply, so the council continued to send him reminders asking him to either appear before the committee or submit a detailed reply in his defense. The action to initiate action to remove him from the registered medical practitioners’ list permanently comes under the council’s ordinance 1962.

Due to durrani’s failure to submit a reply, the council issued durrani the last written warning on december 14, 2017 and began to initiate the process of deregistration.American college

Durrani was arrested in ohio in 2013 after being indicted on 46 federal charges, including performing unnecessary surgeries. Other allegations claimed that durrani had another surgeon operate in his name, allowed other employees to write oxycodone prescriptions on orders he pre-signed, knowingly left a guide wire inside a patient during surgery without giving them notice, and billing private and public healthcare benefits programs for fraudulent services. Read more

Tom price, M.D., the orthopedic surgeon and secretary of health and human services, resigned on september 29, 2017, after seven and a half months on the job.

According to the new york times, president trump "berated" price in the oval office for about two hours on the day of his resignation because he didn’t like the "optics" that price spent almost $1 million on private chartered and military jet travel.College sports

Price, a former georgia seven-term congressman, had been the republican architect of repeal and replace obamacare as chair of the house budget committee. Trump then brought him into the administration in a failed effort to kill off obamacare for good.

During a joint public appearance earlier in the year, trump rhetorically asked price if he was going to get the votes to repeal obamacare. Answering his own question, trump said, "he better get them, otherwise I’ll say, ‘tom you’re fired’."

Despite failing to repeal the affordable care act, trump and price, through administrative rulemaking powers, unsettled insurers in the healthcare exchanges with uncertainty about continuing government subsidy payments to insurers for the "working poor." the result was double-digit premium increases in many areas.

They also postponed certain mandates on employer coverage and scaled back the open enrollment period for signing up for insurance under the law.College sports

The congressional budget office (CBO) recently estimated that insurers expected to “raise premiums for marketplace plans in 2018 by an average of roughly 15%, largely because of uncertainty about whether the federal government will continue to fund cost sharing reduction (CSR) payments and because of an increase in the percentage of the population living in areas with only one insurer.”

CBO notes that insurers have withdrawn from healthcare exchanges, spurred, at least in part, by “uncertainty about the enforcement of the individual mandate, and uncertainty about the federal government’s future payments for [csrs].”