Six vie for three mayville school board seats regional news what education level is a degree

“I have attended school board meetings 85 to 90 percent of the time since 2014 in order to be more active and involved with the education of my daughter. I am running for candidacy because I would like to see a higher quality of education, accountability, and fiscal responsibility,” steele wrote. “education is the most important aspect. I would like to bring in a more traditional approach to education instead of the experimental personalized learning. I feel that technology is important; however, there seems to be too much screen time.

“we are at the beginning of a new era in education in mayville, ready to meet the needs of future graduates, with the addition, remodeling and renovation of our 55-year-old mayville high school building, and renovation/updating of mayville middle school and parkview school.

I am concerned about our school district being able to continue to maintain our excellent education program in today’s challenging financial and political climate,” congdon wrote.Learning environment “I am a retired senior citizen who understands that cost of education cannot exceed the ability of our community to support it. But I also know that we must invest in our schools to provide a safe, modern learning environment that nurtures all learners.

“I am concerned about facility and infrastructure maintenance. With 24 million taxpayer dollars on the line, I want to ensure future decisions regarding building and facility maintenance are completed when necessary and by qualified technicians,” O’toole wrote. “I am concerned about the shallow, 13-vote margin representing the desires of only 50 percent of the district’s participating voters in the april 2017 referendum. I feel I will provide initiatives and solutions to unite the district, not continue to divide it.

“I have already helped to make positive changes in the hiring process of new staff, administration communication and making more classes eligible for college credit.Board meetings I have been personally talking with teachers and staff to hear the challenges they face as well as learn about their accomplishments,” davis wrote. “I am interested in being on the school board to be a parent liaison with the district. I became aware of bullying/threatening situations in the schools and wanted to become more involved to affect positive change. I have a vested interest in creating the best environment for all children to learn and thrive.

“through my former career as a postmaster, I have developed skills in listening and problem-solving. In my current experience driving bus for school-age children, I see firsthand the challenges these kids are facing every day. I am new to the district, so I am still learning all of the local issues, but I am approachable and I have the energy and desire to connect to the community as a whole and develop common-sense solutions.Excellent education I am excited to help foster an improved experience for everyone in the district.”

“I’ve been an active participant in past school board meetings where I’ve made it a point to represent the views of the less fortunate and retired members of the district, a segment of the community I feel knowledgeable and passionate about,” andes said. “I believe that we need to know that our children are safe in our schools and that they are receiving an excellent education that creates opportunities for a successful future. I want to play a more direct role in ensuring we deliver quality schools and a learning environment that will draw new families to our wonderful community.