Southern new hampshire university online reviews average annual income by education level

This program is more costly than an in person program, by more than twice as much, and does not have the overhead that the in person program does. From my experience, it is a for-profit degree mill, though it states otherwise. Once you put in interest, your phone will start ringing off the hook immediately. If you don’t answer, it will constantly ring every day for as long as you allow it. But what get me is, I was in a Master’s program and attended in person at University of New Orleans. highest level of education options I found it to be a far more quality experience with far more resources, information, and support to help you succeed in the field. Plus, taking up class space and using their resources costs far more than what an online program should, since it has pretty much no overhead. They only pay the instructors $2000 per ten week course and it’s set up in a same, efficient McDonald’s type fashion as every other course.

We as students are doing everything on our own with not near the support or resources as an in-person program. However, it costs more than twice as much as the in-person program. salary by education level And has done nothing to help me advance in the field.

I have been attending this school for a couple months and so far I enjoy the school and the online atmosphere. I’m surprised to see negative reviews on counselors. My counselor has been extremely helpful and already has my classes lined up for the remainder of my time here. I am a transfer student and I really appreciated the amount of courses they accepted. The school is extremely affordable which helps military families like me. I like the structure of the online courses. It helps for someone who is older and deciding to finish their degree but may not have the ability to do so at a traditional on-campus school. It has helped greatly and I happy and thankful for it. The only thing I would like to mention is the courses seem too easy for me. I know I am intelligent but I look back at some of my assignments and I know I didn’t put forth the amount of effort as I should have on some of them and yet I still received an A. Don’t get me wrong I am happy to receive an A, however I am used to a challenge. At my precious school I almost also had some type of crtitique on even my best assignments. high level of education I am hoping it is well worth the money and time spent!

Course was relative easy, then again I was pursuing this degree online was taking mostly one course per term. This made it manageable, while I was trying to balance my family and job schedule. education level 2 Some courses were more challenging then others, forcing me to evaluate each paper before I had the courage to submit it. While some courses barely challenging enough for me to prepare for, resulting in last minute assignments that received A’s. Now could I chalk that up to my intellect or easy teachers? That is a question for yourself to answer. My adviser was aware of any late assignments, being sure to call me and remind me (even when I was already aware). Quick with responses either my phone or email, but they preferred email. Once I was confident enough to double up on courses. Found that I could have been doing this all along. It all amounted to improving my time management. Honestly, the school to me does a good job of handing the tools to the student. It falls on the student to take the tools and properly use them. My time at SNHU online, left me feeling as though I didn’t learn much. Most of that is my fault, which to my teachers I apologize. education level in the us All degrees are earned not bought, some just put in more effort then others. What you put in is what you get out.