Spartan race growing in west virginia news west la college courses

According to data collected by spartan race and shared by campbell, a total of 14,349 people attended last year’s event, with 11,955 total racers and 1,900 paid spectators.

Those numbers included six racers from france, five from mexico, 32 from puerto rico, two from alaska, one from hawaii, over 80 from california, five from nevada and 133 from texas.

The next step up is the super, which is eight to 10 miles, with up to 29 obstacles, followed by the beast race, which can be between 12 and 14 miles and up to 35 obstacles.

According to campbell, what made the west virginia event so special is the fact that it is the only event in the continental united states where a participant can earn a trifecta medal in one weekend.

“if you’re thinking about southern west virginia and what folks we want to attract here, it’s going to be the families and the outdoor athletes,” campbell said.Campbell said “they can do the mountain biking and the hiking and all the other stuff we have here.”

According to survey data from last year’s race, the average age of participants was 34. The national average for spartan racers is 33.5 years old, of whom 88 percent are college-educated and 64 percent are married.

“these are the people that can come back and vacation here,” campbell said. “that’s the biggest point of this. This is a tourism gold mine for us, to attract a bunch of these folks from around us that are outdoor enthusiasts to our beautiful area.”

When surveyed on the amount of money spent in the state excluding hotel and race fees, the average answer was $422; and 66 percent of those surveyed said that they planned to return to the mountain state.

In total, the family stayed two nights at adventures on the gorge, two nights at ACE adventure resort and were spending the actual race weekend staying in beckley.West virginia

When asked for the total economic impact of the event, campbell told the commission that spartan race estimates of events like the one at the summit bechtel reserve were in the ballpark of $4 million to the regional economy.

While working on securing the $200,000 in sponsorship money needed to host the event, campbell said he has also gotten the commitment of spartan race to bring two courses to the 2019 world scout jamboree.

With the upcoming world scout jamboree in 2019, campbell is hopeful that southern west virginia can pull off a double in attracting world events that year.

“the next step up is the world (spartan) event,” he told commissioners. “we have a chance at that. I don’t know how big a chance it is, but I know they would like to move it away from tahoe (california) because they don’t want to keep it in one spot all the time.”

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The world championship for the spartan race is currently held in north lake tahoe, calif., with people competing through their own divisions to get a chance to compete.

“this is one,” campbell said of the event. “and like dave arnold says, ‘your one becomes two, two becomes four, four becomes eight.’ we have to make sure we keep this one and continue to grow it.”