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Bridge day returns to fayette county this saturday, as thousands of spectators will convene at the new river gorge to watch base jumpers across the country make their leap off the new river gorge bridge. According to bridge day’s official website, nearly 100,000 people watched over 300 jumpers last year.

This evolved into annual event held on the third day of october, eventually growing into one of the very few sanctioned base jumps in the united states. Now, hundreds of jumpers from over 33 states travel to fayette county to make the 876 foot drop in one of the state’s most unique sporting events.

“it’s just kind of grown gradually over the years,” she said. “they just kept adding and adding and adding, and then of course with the power of social media and with marketing and PR, they’re able to get the word out to more and more people.”

This year, over 130 vendors statewide will be on both sides of the new river gorge bridge and will have various local food available along with local artists and performers who will be showcasing their skills throughout the day. Washington university brown school among them, will be the maker of the documentary “iron men of the gorge,” a film showcasing the labors of the men who made the new river gorge bridge.

For those who still want to experience the thrill but don’t have experience, this year’s festival has a new added activity — a high-line. For those not familiar with high-lines, wriston explains that the concept is very similar to a zip-line.

“we needed to know how we’re going to respond when things don’t go perfect,” simon said. “that’s what makes the game of football really great. Things don’t always go your way. Washington university engineering ranking whether it’s a player not getting to play or things going against you like breaks, you have to overcome that. American university in washington I was proud of our players for doing that.”

The beavers then scored on their first play from scrimmage as arnold martin took a handoff 34 yards to the end zone. Kaulin parris made his first of seven point-after kicks to give bluefield a 7-0 lead at the 8:28 mark of the opening quarter.

Starting at the bluefield 17-yard line, oak hill scored on its first play when abraham farrow took a handoff and got to the edge for the score. The extra point try failed, leaving the beavers with a 7-6 lead and 5:15 left in the opening quarter.

“the effort of oak hill was very good early,” simon said. “we overcame that some and then we kept giving effort and things just worked out. We had a couple big plays. Oak hill played hard. Best universities computer science we just took advantage of some things after the fourth down. That fourth down stop was crucial for us.”

Bluefield added to its lead on the second play of the second quarter. One play after chandler cooper threw a 3-yard pass to ronnell blevins on fourth-and-2, edwards reached the end zone on a 32-yard run that made it 28-6 with 11:11 left in the first half.

“we’ve seen a lot of people dodge bluefield. They have a tough time scheduling,” oak hill coach jason blankenship said. “and I’ve told the kids, ‘as long as I’m the head coach, we’re going to continue to play bluefield.’ and we’ll learn from our mistakes and learn from playing against a very good football team year in and year out.