Station Hollywood Satinath Mukherjee was both a great singer and composer. yale university religious affiliation

Satinath mukherjee was one of the versatile classical singers who did not get dues during the golden age. Yale university new haven the 50s and 60s were categorized with notable classical and semi-classical singers in the bengal arena where manobendra mukherjee, manna dey, dhananjoy bhattacharya, akhil bandhu ghosh and other giants galvanized the world of modern songs.

Satinath mukherjee, the guru of notable singer shyamal mitra, had a huge partnership with lyricist shyamal gupta and presented his flora of classical ragas in bengali modern songs. His songs “pashaner buke likhona amar naam”, “bono patho majhe”, “jibone jodi deep”, etc. Were milestones of bengali modern songs.

He sang separate private songs involving “raag pradhan” which described the movement of separate ragas like imon, baghesri, darbari kanada, behag, ashawari, etc.

His song on raag bageshri included “elo jochona se tobu”. His song on raag bairagi included “dake na keno je banshi”. His song on raag behaag included “gelo je logon chole”. His song on raag bhairav included “jagiche bhore probhat robi”. Location yale his song on raag bhupali included “kotha je banshori baaje”. His song on raag darbadi kanada included “e bedona kemone sohi”. Yale university most popular majors his song on raag desh thumri included “boroshar rate jagi”. His song on raag kalawati included “baje keno beena”. His song on raag komol ashavari included “modhu rati bhor hoi”. List of yale majors his song on raag madhab todi included “ke jano dake nishibore”. His song on raag manj khamaj included “tomare bhulite ogo”. His song on raag nandkauns included “kotha tumi ghanashyam”. His song on raag pahari thumri included “emono dine se kothay”. Yale university facts his song on raag patdeep included “kano janina baje”. His song on raag yaman included “na go na jeyona”.

As a composer he used to be considered a giant of giants. His compositions for other legendary singers included “tomar pother prante moner monideep jele rekhechi” and “bhule gechi kobe” sung by manobendra mukherjee, “eto alo aar eto hasi gaan” sung by shyamal mitra, “ami cheyechi tomay” sung by dhananjoy bhattacharya, “tomar moto amiyoto koto soyechi” sung by pannalal bhattacharya, to name a few.

Besides his own student dipak maitra had sung few songs composed by satinath mukherjee included “koto kotha bola holona”. Yale university main campus satinath mukherjee is associated with the compositions for the two maestros in indian music namely mohammad rafi and lata mangeshkar.

Lata’s first record in bengali namely “akash pradeep jale” and “koto tara” were the compositions of the genius satinath mukherjee. Satinath mukherjee’s landmark compositions for mohammad rafi included “ekhono biday bolona”, “pakhitar buke jeno teer merona”, etc. It is very sad that satinath mukherjee’s immense musical talents were not used in bengali films. He had sung rare songs like “majhe nodi bahe re” in tapan sinha’s film atithi, songs in uttam kumar’s film bon palashir padabali, etc.

Otherwise satinath mukherjee, the sincere student of ustad bare ghulam ali khan was one of the revolutionary singers and composers who remained an institution by himself. Yale university us news his students included singer and composer jotileshwar mukherjee who carried on the legacy of satinath mukherjee. The songs and creations of satinath should be preserved and restored.