Switzerland – home of drones best universities for medicine

Switzerland is one of the world’s leading nations in drone technology: close cooperation between companies and higher education institutions and a flexible, unbureaucratic regulatory system has enabled switzerland to create an environment that is equally attractive for start-ups, companies and the research community. This has made switzerland a global leader in the development of drones and the required regulatory framework.

Innovations always present opportunities but also uncertainties. Drones are no exception in this respect. Pilot projects are therefore needed to gain experience and build up confidence in this new technology. Top universities this can only be done if people can see the practical benefits of using drones. Swiss drones are already in use in a wide variety of areas, including the security sector, agriculture, and the delivery of medical supplies and humanitarian aid in crisis regions.

A dialogue between the public, businesses and the scientific community helps to mobilise support for these uses.

The federal office of civil aviation (FOCA) strives for high safety stand- ards and the sustainable development of swiss civil aviation. Its activities are conducted in the interests of swiss society and the economy and are internationally integrated and coordinated. As an independent regula- tor, the FOCA is responsible for ensuring the highest safety and security standards in swiss civil aviation. It takes measures to promote civil avia- tion and strives for its sustainable development.

For many years, FOCA has recognised that a radical transformation is occurring in the traditional aviation with emerging technologies requiring a revolutionized enabling foundation and legal framework. To tackle the challenges of this new aviation era, FOCA has established an innovation management office. American college jacket the agile, risk-based legal framework therein devel- oped and perfected over the years with the fast development of drones has allowed the authority to enable these new technologies in the most effective and efficient way. FOCA’s approach has proven to provide a good balance between all the needs of the society and supported the flourishing drone ecosystem that has developed in switzerland in the past decade.

Swisscom, switzerland’s leading telecoms company and one of its lead- ing IT companies, is headquartered in ittigen, close to the capital city berne. More than 20,000 employees generated sales of CHF 2.9 billion to the end of the 1st quarter 2018. Swisscom is one of the most sustainable companies in switzerland and europe.

As a leading swiss mobile service provider swisscom offers the eco- system an outstanding mobile network and connectivity. For the drone innovators network, swisscom offers data-driven intelligence through the analysis of the data created by its mobile network. Mobility insights are critical insights to understand the flow of people under the drone flight path. For the event swisscom feeds population density maps based on aggregated and anonymized data. Us university ranking this supports the risk assessment pro- cess of drone flights. In addition, swisscom is actively driving forward the swiss drone ecosystem by exploratory collaborating with various players, among them companies like INVOLI and insightness.

Why is switzerland a key player in the world of drones? Because we’re a 360° drone nation! Our researchers and entrepreneurs don’t just manufacture drones, they also produce sensors, engines, apps or guidance to the world bank. Best universities japan few countries cover "dronistics" in this manner and that places switzerland among the world’s leading nations. Switzerland can hardly compete in the field of leisure drones where the retail price is the key to making sales. In professional drones however, the stability and the quality of the research involved are of utmost importance, and the effect of everything swiss made is an appreciated added value. A swiss drone is a reliable drone that brings tangible solutions to existing problems by using and integrating the most advanced technologies. It is therefore an image booster for our country. It allows us to go beyond the clichés and talk about our research and technology centers, our industry, the role of the state or the opportunitiesto invest in switzerland.