Teeing off

"I was planning on not going to johannesburg because the second half of the season was very busy," said the 21-year-old professional golfer. "Just before that I went to mauritius, which was my seventh or eighth event of the year. And the fact that no other indian was going to the event was going to leave me without a roommate, and I was mulling over to skip it. I thought maybe I should go back to india, take a week off and play a tournament in the country. But, again, I thought I was playing well and feeling confident, plus it was a european tour. So, I took the flight and I am glad I did it.European tour it turned out to be a great week for me."

"The best thing that week—I was very calm and in golf, it is very important to remain calm.

I never got ahead of myself; even when I was five shots ahead, I wasn’t really thinking of winning and kept the negative thoughts away. I was trying to be in my presence; hitting shots and trying to do my best out of every shot," said the golfer from chandigarh. "It wasn’t like I was fantastic; it was more like I was able to recover from every situation. My putting was great that week and that was the biggest take away from that event.Asian tour even with my B game, I was able to win it. I was so calm and composed that I was able to hit the put."

Things were just getting started for the young turk as he soon bagged another european tour title – malaysia open. Sharma shot 62 to lift the title in kuala lumpur early february; the same 62 that he shot a couple of years back during the manila masters to tie fourth on the final day (from below 30) to lock up his asian tour card. The two-time european tour champion saw sententious improvement in his ranking as he shot from as low as world no 482 (before his miracle in the rainbow nation) to world no 75 in no time.European tour subhankar said it wasn’t a sudden rise as he reached here gradually.

"I haven’t really done anything differently recently and it was more like learning on the tour because golfing is a journey; you keep playing and learning. Playing more, I got to learn a lot because conditions and the grass everywhere is different. Every tournament is a different place. When you have two practice rounds, you are actually studying the ground; making notes of where to hit and where not to. It is a lot of mental work. I have been playing on the asian tour for two years and I have seen courses and learnt many new aspects.European tour I have matured a lot over the years; finding fault in my games and working on them," said the 3rd-year delhi university’s political science student.

The experience did come in handy because subhankar soon made the entire golf fraternity realise that this 21-year old is not just another bloke with the clubs from india. Making his debut at the PGA tour world golf championship in mexico, the indian golfer surprised everyone by reaching the top on the penultimate day. However, the failure to hold on to his nerves on the final day saw him crash out with five bogeys – something he never did during his two european titles – in the final round to finish tied ninth.Asian tour phil mickelson ended a five-year drought to lift the PGA tour.