Testimonials from karico seminars and workshops karico international inc. certificate of higher education level

“If ever given the chance to see Karin’s presentation on ‘How To Make Manufacturing Sexy’, do it! Her bubbly enthusiasm and passion shines through in an inspirational message on how to help change the mindset of the manufacturing community and the public in general in working towards getting our youth and young adults interested in manufacturing as a desired career choice.”

“I had the opportunity to attend a seminar presented by Karin for the Canadian Tooling and Machining Association and found the content to be easily understood and well presented. what is your level of education Who would have thought that Manufacturing could be sexy? I do now! Well thought-out and fun too!”

“The five-hour-training about the understanding of the diversity in people’s communication with Karin Lindner was an enriching and an eye-opening experience.

It helped our team in recognizing our differences and in moving forward towards better communication and problem-solving. Karin is a highly positive and enthusiastic person who possesses tremendous knowledge of interpersonal dynamics.”

“As part of plant closure process at Southwire Canada, Karico Performance Solutions was brought on as an outplacement agency to help our salaried employees transition into the next phase of their professional lives. This was a hugely challenging task given that many of the employees have been with the company for many years, even decades, and were about to lose their job. Almost all who participated in Karico’s workshops came out enlightened, pumped up, and motivated. In particular, their “When One Door Closes, Another One Opens” workshop was well received and an overwhelming success. education level on application I thank Karin and her partner Heidi for doing an outstanding job in helping our employees. I highly recommend Karico to any organization looking for an outplacement service or looking for ways to maximize their human potential.”

“As the featured speaker (How Can We Make Manufacturing Sexy?) Karin brought many important facts to the forefront as regards the current views on manufacturing in North America as compared to those of the European and Asian views. I believe that Karin is on the right track with this program and if our Canadian manufacturers & employees choose to participate in her vision, those companies can realize improved production (and profits) as well as retain a ‘willing to do’ employee base that would be proud to say they work for ‘X’ company. We will be adopting many of her ideas as time progresses.”

“I recently had the pleasure to hear Karin Lindner speak. It was, without a doubt, one of the most inspiring and motivational talks I have attended in many years. She was well researched and spoke straight to where we as an industry live. what is the highest level of education you have completed Karin has a way of getting into important and sensitive areas with the skill of an experienced educator. No one left the room while Karin held the floor. She had us all at ‘Hello my name is Karin Lindner’.”

“Karin is a dynamic, award-winning speaker. With great passion, she has opened the minds of many people in North America to consider the incredible opportunity the manufacturing industry can provide as a career of choice and a growth opportunity. education level meaning As a manufacturing enthusiast, Karin offers insight into the perspective, untapped potential and great resource that everyone from the “shop floor” to the “executive suite” can harness, cultivate and recalibrate with tangible, effective, implementable ideas. It is rare to meet someone who is so authentic and ready to be the champion for an unpopular industry or idea but Karin does this with passion. I highly recommend Karin as a speaker for any industry and to any organization as her information is useful to everyone!

“I originally contacted Karin Lindner to help me facilitate a workshop for blue collar workers who had been downsized. Karin went on to develop an innovative and powerful workshop for all who have been downsized or in a career stalemate. I have watched as Karin’s passion, enthusiasm and knowledge shine through at each and every workshop and, like magic fairy dust, her positive energy sprinkles on to workshop attendees who start to relax, smile and even laugh. Karin likes to give back to her community and has given generously of her time by doing a free 3 hour monthly workshop here at the Richmond Hill Public Library. Thank you Karin!”