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I DON’T recall ever having a column published on good friday, which the pious usually spend repenting. But, today, you are holding a copy of the best paper in town. A mild surprise?

A culture shocker for me was my having to be in a classroom on good friday, in 1968, at harvard law. The reason I got there was that in 1967, fr. Alex mari ganuza, college of law prefect of san beda, instituted a faculty development program, with me as the first awardee. I had not thought of foreign studies earlier, for lack of means but that program had me writing to various schools, including harvard law, which quickly responded with an offer of a full scholarship ($4,100, big money at the time). Still, the unaffordable cost of travel deterred me.

San beda’s P15,000 could cover it but what about the family I helped support?Good friday

Last friday evening, we had a delightful 70th anniversary celebration of its philippine program at the manila pen (I have long wondered why a hotel in makati is so called. And our contronyms: “salvage” means to save or have some pulis patola send someone to the promised land). I didn’t have to touch the san beda money at all but left it to cover our bunso’s transfer to san beda high from pasig catholic.

I think it was only this paper that had carried news of what was coming last friday. And the other day, a columnist in another paper, wrote glowingly of his own fulbright experience. Good news not newsworthy?

I arrived at the pen a little late and was escorted to a table where awardee cora santos de la paz-bernardo was seated, next to hubby ike bernardo. She was salutatorian and ike was first honorable mention in their pasig rizal hi class’56 (I was in ‘55).Honor roll cora hailed from pateros, a younger sister of my classmate, josie, also very bright and beautiful. In the table next to ours was honoree joey V. Cuisia, with wife vicky, both of whom would consult me on matters legal long, long ago. How time has flown.

Cora, no. 1 in the CPA exams, attended cornell. We were two promdis privileged to go to the ivy league. Perhaps, to the shock of some of my section 1 classmates. Although I had finished grade school in makati elem in five years(accelerated) and would occasionally make the rizal hi honor roll, I was described in the latter’s school organ graduation issue as a “galawgaw: with a boy’s will to turn somersault.”

The other honorees in that fulbright philippines 70th anniversary gala dinner – reflections on 70 years of excellence night, were: angel C.Honor roll alcala, bienvenido L. Lumbera, bienvenido F. Nebres, S. J., clare R. Baltazar, napoleon V. Abueva, abdulmari asia imao, lucrecia R. Kasilag and conchita M. Abad, in the order their names appeared in the program. Joey was no. 2, cora was no. 3 and I was no. 6. Gems of purest ray serene, a phrase I picked up as a high school junior, from gray’s haunting elegy, which has stayed with me, giving me a sense of where I am.

It was SRO. Sen ed angara, a man of many parts, and feats, was in the table of ambassadors kim and joey. Ben muego, a feared debater in our time, came by to say hello. So did baby baua, my late dulce’s girl friday in many a project. And many others, including one who told a daughter-in-law of mine, judge jackie, who texted her congrats and asked why I had not told my nuke family.High school it had not occurred to me to do so, a habit from time out of mind.

Rizal high has also produced jovito salonga, neptali gonzales, bobbit sanchez, lucio san pedro, botong francisco and pat and wilma tiamzon, said to head the new people’s army. The couple are out on bail, and I am a guarantor or bondsman.

Cora and ike did not mix in high school. She is from pateros, while ike is my fellow batampasig. The pateros and pasig mafias engaged in a healthy rivalry. Cora married pat de la paz, from colegio de san agustin in iloilo, who bar-reviewed in san beda in 1963. He was no. 3 among 5,500 examinees, with 85.05 (I was only no. 6, with 84.85). He passed away in 1995, after serving in government with distinction. After more than a decade, cora and ike had a reunion, in matrimony.Honor roll

I was a nothing HS grad but I was always in section 1 and occasionally made the honor roll. However, our hambog barkada thought that being seen studying was disgraceful, haha. And were we bullied and insulted by teachers telling us to go home and plant camote. On rainy days we’d go to school in bakya. We were bulakbuleros who just enjoyed life in high school, and learned who herodotus’ son was, “history” being its father. We’d be ambushed by teachers who, from out of the blue, would ask us to spell “picturesque,” etc.

In january 1955, eddie sanchez, bunso in bobbit’s brood of seven, our valedictorian, and I were playing hooky, in quiapo. We saw extras blaring the 1-2 finish of san beda in the 1954 bar, which I read as pointing me to that school (also, fare to and from legarda was 15 centavos, beyond that 20).High school I was not to study hard until sophomore law when I was in the middle of many co-curricular commitments, in the national union of students and student catholic action, teaching catechism at mapa high just across, writing, debating, extempo speaking, partying, and emerging as college chess champ and member of champion softball (I was second baseman and contributed) and basketball (best seat in the house, the bench, which I warmed) intrams teams.

Pat and wilma tiamzon graduated with honors, who could have qualified for fulbright, but, in their eyes, they preferred the harder right to the easier wrong (west point prayer), loving their country with that kind of passion that whips the blood (fred reinfeld). They rebelled not long after the marcoses moved to malacañang when macoy opened his william saunders account, and imelda, her jane ryan’s, in switzerland.High school crime pays?

Cooperation among the swiss, the americans and ourselves made possible the transfer of the kleptocratic loot in the billions while blood flowed, but nothing like what has flooded the streets after digong won. A bloodbath. Given the yamashita/medina standard of command responsibility, digong does not want to take part in the international criminal court proceeding, given the little risk of winning.

After martial law was inflicted, marcos had his arrest, search and seizure orders (assos). But, today, digong casually orders the arrest of people like the dimple bus owner and PUV colorum operators, arguably usurping the function of prosecutors and judges. The former conduct preliminary investigations and the latter conduct probable-cause determinations, now erased by digong, a super-executive, super-court, super-legislature and a one-man continuing constitutional convention, doing all the work.Good friday he seems to have a messianic complex, and those who get in his way, like chief justice meilou, who fights for judicial independence, find themselves in a pickle.

There is a debate on what a dynasty is. I know that prez digong duterte, mayor sara duterte and vice mayor pulong duterte comprised a dynasty (pulong has since resigned). Justice potter stewart despaired of his inability to define “obscenity” but in the end triumphantly said: “I know it when I see it.”

Cardinal tagle said last sunday: “in our world today, we have many kings, full of arrogance, lacking in humility, in our time; many of us follow kings who use violence, arms, threats, clearly showing lack of understanding and solidarity with the weak.” sino naman po kaya ang pinatatamaan? Holmes said even a dog can tell if it is being kicked or stumbled over.Honor roll

Palace tutas do not see their boss as being alluded to, as the administration supposedly does not go after the innocent. And who plays god and passes judgment and discards the presumption of innocence? Some tutas may be smarter, and may acknowledge quietly that the philippines is indeed part of “our world today.” the cardinal was talking of other places? C’mon.

May digong this week—belated happy birthday, truly—do as he correctly says, piously, of lent, not what he incorrectly does, impiously, elsewhere, at other times.