The 30 best cities in africa american college counseling association

The only thing thats going to make this list great, unbiased and appreciable is when abuja is ranked second to cape town.This is like a list of african richest men without dangote, and mike..Is like a list of african most populous cities without lagos, kano and ibadan, is just like ranking 30 longest bridges in africa without 3rd mainland bridge. The list is ranked like there is no country called nigeria, if kampala, freetown, accra can make the list why not lagos and abuja. Did you really visit the lagos island, victoria island, banana island, badagery, ikeja and even maryland. All in lagos, i dont think so, maybe you where only on the mainland like surulele, or yaba. Cos lagos is the fastest developing city in nigeria. I’m not saying we are dictating for you but 30 best african cities without abuja and lagos is a scrab.

Thats why most nigerians are angry and upset. Washington university map if a person ranks world best 30 cities without new york and paris how would you look at such a person. Mind you almost all nigerian films were soothed in festac lagos…mhen dis one sef na yawa oh..E dey lik mango mango

Favour stop hating….! You know accra is far far better than those cities you mentioned from nigeria. I have been to lagos before and gush you see chain of beggars ,mad men with all due respect to them lined up the street. Filth has engulfed most part of the city with noisy motorists like okada workers everywhere. Public transport is worst as people get packed in small vehicle like bunch of wood.Power outages the usual norm making the city is very dark at night with armed robbery a daily meal over there

Compared that to ghana, ghana has the best shopping malls in west africa and the biggest for that matter,the best roads in west africa with the iconic nkrumah interchange the biggest in west africa,the best schools in west africa, best hospitals in west africa and currently ghana has snatched the aviation hub from your country with two massive international airports in accra and tamale and two other local airport in kumasi and takoradi. ..Most nigerians are running to ghana for better amenities they don’t get in nigeria. A popular journalists was quoted as saying on tvc news “accra is like little london now”

Thanks for your effort. However I don’t think your analyis is realistic. 1. A city without a property market but only miles and miles of slums after you leave tall buildings is not a functioning city and sadly most of those cities you mentioned like luanda,addis ababa,lagos,nairobi etc are haven to slums. You would struggle to find an apartment or flat,house to rent outside of cbd in a decent suburb. Top 10 universities in the philippines maybe watch travel channel on dstv to know how functioning cities look like. Johannesburg tops that list in africa. Cities with a high earing potential are always highly ranked globally. New york tops the list worldwide but in africa johannesburg is the top pick in terms of being a high earner. I believe some of the best brains in africa and the world are descended on johannesburg. As for the standard of living,safety,well managed city,shopping experience pretoria (the capital city tops the list in south afria). For tourism,affordable property rentals and best weather durban tops the list. For a europe feel and lifestyle for international travelers they choose cape town but you eearn far less working on the same job in cape town compared to johannesburg. In africa what I know is the only cities could be likened to south africa are in morocco and maybe egypt. Windhoek,gaborone are up there with cities in south africa too problem is there are far less people who live there and may impact on your earing potential if you invest in them. Maybe seychelles and maritius has decent cities too but all the other african cities besides those in southern africa,egypt,morocco,seychelles and mauritius are made up of miles and miles of slums and poverty as soon as you live that CBD. If you can’t create suburbs with schols,parks,clinics,liibraries,sport facllities you should be down there. Washington university medical school do your cities have that? Big no I guess.