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As executive assistant, you are constantly looking for ways to hone your skills. Attending executive assistant conferences, workshops or retreats is a great way to learn new skills. American university sis it can also give you time to ponder how you can do your job even better. However, between your and your executive’s schedule, time to research this is at a minimum. With this list of the best executive assistant conferences to attend in 2019, we decided to give you a helping hand and some extra time back. Executive secretary LIVE 2019

Executive secretary magazine hosts executive secretary LIVE, a leading international event for senior and aspiring administrative professionals and executive assistants. The conferences take place on each of the five major continents throughout the year. Its world-class speakers that not only motivate and inspire you, but also provide essential training that will boost your knowledge, skills and productivity.

Q1 productions created the executive leadership support forums after realizing that, despite the plethora of development conferences and events for executives, there was very little support their assistants in the same way. Since 2016, the ELS forums have given executive assistants the opportunity to quench their thirst for knowledge, network, and explore options for career advancement. These two-day events bring together executive assistants supporting the world’s most influential leaders. Attending an ELS forum is not a passive experience. Rather, the event cultivates professional development by providing a platform for executive assistants to connect, collaborate, and contribute solutions to the greatest challenges in their role.

Across the world, there are qw ELS forums scheduled for 2019. Check out the full list here . And, in case you want to get a head start on benefitting from the ELS network, there are also several events you can still attend in 2018! See what rosie garner, executive assistant to the COO at etsy has to say about the ELS forum in new york city:

In their words, officeninjas‘ goal with admin bash is to reclaim administrative professionals day. Admin bash, a conference/party replete with top tier networking opportunities, swag bags, massage lounge and vendor market place delivers valuable opportunities in a fun and joyful way. Check out the video recap of admin bash 2018:

Admin bash takes place during admin week, and entire week of virtual and in-person events to celebrate and give back to all executive assistants and other ‘office ninjas.’ admin week 2019 will include raffles, awards, the admin bash, and some new experiences that have yet to be unveiled. American international university sign up for admin week 2019 updates, including announcements around admin bash.

Hosted by business management daily, this conference gets back to the essentials. American public university login the forum focuses on helping executive assistants keep pace with the ever growing technical knowledge requirements of their demanding roles. The three-day event that features industry all-stars, lucy brazier, julie perrine, and melissa esquibel, is a must for any executive assistants who feel their skills could use a boost.

In addition to hosting ‘behind every leader’ conferences and numerous retreats, the executive assistants organization hosts an international summit every year. This event is designed for and attracts not only executive assistants from around the world, but their executives as well, setting it apart from all other executive assistant conferences to attend in 2019. While the date and location for the 2019 summit has not been announced, there is still time to attend this year’s event in las vegas, on november 7th and 8th .

The american society of administrative professionals (ASAP) has hosted the administrative professionals conference for 25 years and the EA summit for 5 years. These two events are now held concurrently. At the conference , attendees get essential, career-advancing training and invaluable peer networking. They return to work with new tools, ideas, strategies, skills and best practices as well as access to onsite PACE certification. Executive assistants must apply to attend the EA summit. I f accepted, they benefit from advanced, customized training with many different course tracks.

For any executive assistants in canada, the administrative professionals conference canada is a yearly event that draws executive assistants from the country’s top companies. The conference features symposium sessions, keynotes and countless workshops. The networking events are designed to let attendees get a feel for toronto while forging strong connections with their peers. Pre and post conference materials are provided so that attendees can get the most out of this opportunity.

The international association of administrative professionals’ yearly summit provides you with an opportunity to learn and network with fellow eas and office admins. The event also provides countless tools and resources to take back and share at work. The schedule includes cocktail hours, small deep dives (new!) and innovative offerings like optional walk/jog sessions to prepare your body for hours of learning, while you network with other active executives assistants.

Author of be the ultimate assistant: A celebrity assistant’s secrets to working with any high-powered employer , bonnie low-kramen offers two-day workshops geared towards executive essistants, personal assistants, and private service professionals working at the highest levels. Bonnie designed the class to develop and fine-tune the mindset, confidence, and tools needed to succeed with the most demanding employer. The course focuses on both the soft and hard skills necessary to excel as an assistant. American university sports these include communication skills, organization techniques, problem-solving strategies, and career management. Vickie sokol evans, former assistant and master microsoft certified trainer to bill gates’ support team, teaches the 3.5 hour technology segment of the class.

Whether you attend one, or multiple, these executive assistant conferences in 2019 are some of the top events to keep you in the loop and help you continue to grow in your career. Want to start learning right now? Check out: how to be a successful executive assistant: tips, tricks and more and 5 templates to sharpen your executive assistant skills