The new good ones jp morgan helps democracy, incredible but true. felix democracy best universities for biology

Incredible-but-true case of the year: JP morgan is not helping the new world order and the globalists anymore, no, it is helping the sovereignist government of italy, that salvini-dimaio-conte government deemed the danger for the EU, for the NWO, for everybody invited at the bilderberg even only once in their life, but as a matter of fact, the two populists salvini and dimaio studded the government of technicians like the prime minister giuseppe conte, the two economists paolo savona and giovanni tria who have strong ties to the world of economics, finance and university so much that once mr. Massimo cacciari said “don’t make me laugh telling me that paolo savona is anti-establishment, I cannot think of a more establishment man than he” nonetheless professor savona was the one who had written down the plan B for bringing italy outside the eurozone in case of greek tragedy looming at the horizon and was suspected that he called it “plan B” just for courtesy, but he meant “plan A” that he wanted out tout court – and he would be right -.

Nevermind, it’s two days that JP morgan announced that italian bonds far from being rubbish as some rating agencies would like to make believe are just a good investment because italy cannot fail like greece and the fact that the government runs some deficit is basically nothing special and nothing wrong, I have to quote, nick gartside, the man of the investment bank, says in an interview with the italian finance newspaper the sun 24hours – il sole 24ore in italian – “the fundamentals of italy remain good, notwithstanding the political uncertainty. Washington university school of law ranking for this reason, for us – JP morgan ed.Notes – the pitch of the italian spread represents an opportunity for investment” source so they are actually buying italian bonds saying in the same interview “volatility came back and people will have to get used to it. It’s a phenomenon strictly related to the reduction of monetary stimulus from the banks and to political uncertainty. Today there is volatility for the btp – the italian bonds ed. Notes – but the same happened with the british gilt in occasion of brexit or with the oat before the french presidential elections. The american college blackboard we believe that, if adequately managed, it can be an opportunity. Otherwise we wouldn’t be buying btp”.

So actually, what mr. Gartside is saying is that a country, a state’s economy is strong for its industries and system and a bit of market wobbling cannot make it really poor, it’s just an opportunity to buy bonds when they cost less because they’ll never become rubbish just like “gilt after brexit” this is why project fear was wrong and it is wrong also now, after hard brexit too there will be just a bit of market wobbling and maybe the pound will go down just to go up after the cunning ones buy low cost sterlings, because britain is not poor “the fundamentals of the country are too good” it will just be “an opportunity for investment” that is, they’ll buy bonds and sterlings when they’re down because they know they’ll go necessarily up after a couple of days, since britain, like italy, cannot fail.

It is also interesting to see how the chart of the good ones and bad ones is reshaping itself so for an ex-cool “good one” champion of free speech mark zuckerberg turning bad one link champion of censorship, spying and control, we have an ex-bad one JP morgan “globalist” and co. Turning good one: it is actually helping a country that wants to be sovereign and democratic against the NWO and actually against the ECB that would like to do to italy the “greek treat”, some say it’s trump who convinced them to buy italian bonds because he allegedly reassured conte, the italian PM, that america would buy the italian debt if the ECB dares and try to put italy on its knees with little cruel banking games.

The new times are quite exciting, as for theresa may, I am convinced given this interview, that also to britain the bad ones won’t be able to do anything more than a couple of days market’s shaking in case of hard brexit. So, do what’s really the best thing for you. American unversity as melania says, “be best”.