These photos show how the royal family is just like us west la college employment

Have you ever wondered how kate middleton manages to look perfectly put together at all times, despite the notoriously rainy climate? An umbrella, of course! Journalists have captured photos of even the ever-poised duchess of cambridge struggling with an umbrella. In this particular photo, kate accompanies william and harry on a visit to kensington palace’s sunken garden. The garden honored princess diana. And it later served as the backdrop for the official announcement of meghan markle and prince harry’s engagement.

Most people love dogs. And queen elizabeth II definitely numbers among them! Journalists have captured numerous photos of the queen spending time with her dogs, all pembroke welsh corgis.

As vanity fair reports, the queen first met a corgi during her childhood, when her parents first acquired one of the dogs.This photo “she’s been in love with the breed ever since,” the publication explains. The queen has had at least 14 generations of corgis over five decades. And she never seems to be able to resist the opportunity to meet and greet somebody else’s dog.

Queen elizabeth II famously remarked on the weight of the crown she had to wear at her coronation. (she wore the st. Edwards crown, which weighs five pounds and according to the queen, could have broken her neck if she’d looked down to read her speech.) we wonder if she’s ever weighed one of the hats worn by the queen’s guard — and by prince philip in this photo. The prince famously pranked the queen once by donning the uniform. But he doesn’t look too happy to be wearing the cumbersome hat on this occasion!

The royal family often gets chauffeured around wherever they need to go.Royal family but as some adorable photos revealed, prince william still drives at least occasionally. In this photo, william and his son, george, had just departed the lindo wing at st. Mary’s hospital in london. There, kate had just given birth to charlotte. We assume that the duke of cambridge could definitely have gotten a ride. But just like the rest of us, he sometimes hops in the car and puts the pedal to the metal when the situation merits it.

Just like the rest of us, queen elizabeth II seems to indulge in a snack at least occasionally. After all, you can’t get more british than afternoon tea and a scone. In this photo, the queen admires some homemade scones in the kitchen at clontarf aboriginal college in perth. Scones, of course, are a very british snack food. They often bear little resemblance to the sugary american version.Queen elizabeth and as slate puts it, “the purpose of a british scone is to be a lofty, feathery vehicle for jam and clotted cream and, above all, an accompaniment to tea.”

It might seem easy to become jaded if you live in a palace and attend numerous fancy events each year. But some of our favorite photos of the royal family reveal that even the direct heirs to the throne still enjoy simple pleasures. In the image above, william and kate celebrate george’s first birthday with a visit to the sensational butterflies exhibition at the natural history museum in london. That’s exactly the kind of celebration that would be accessible to families from every walk of life, and they seemed to genuinely enjoy the visit.