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CURRITUCK – currituck county residents wanting to see a time line of their county’s history for the past 350 years now have the chance to do so at the barco branch of the currituck public library.

Barco branch manager dorothy hocutt said people entering the building have been oohing and aahing at the five panels set up to outline the events, people and places of currituck from days gone by.

Knapp was a new york native and a wealthy publisher who once owned mackay island. He was an outdoorsman who became the father of ducks unlimited and he also donated money to the currituck schools and to the university of north carolina.

Additionally, hocutt said people who approach to read the time line “seem to be pretty interested in the fact that portions of currituck were ceded to tyrrell county and dare county.”

salmons said

Currituck librarian laura salmons said the idea for the time line can be traced back to november, when there was a brainstorming session at the old courthouse between county residents and leaders. The purpose of the gathering was to pitch ideas about how currituck could celebrate the 350th. Barbara snowden, a retired schoolteacher and the county’s unofficial historian, first called for the session. Snowden then turned charge of the session to currituck cooperative extension director cameron lowe, who’s also responsible for community and rural development in the county.

Salmons recalled someone mentioning how 350 years would be a lot of ground to cover. Salmons said she decided the easiest way to visualize accomplishments and events would be with a time line. She returned to her office at barco and conferred with currituck library system administrative assistant janeth murphy and with hocutt, both of whom have expertise in genealogy.Time line

Salmons said the time line covers currituck’s history of being a place for fishing and hunting. She also said the time line includes william hunt, who donated land for construction of what is the former jarvisburg colored school.

The time line also includes edward knight, a northern businessman who along with his wife constructed the mansion at what today is whalehead in historic corolla. And it covers the old courthouse and the old jail, the currituck beach lighthouse and the opening of what was the bank of currituck.

The time line even shows the former moyock dog track. She said a lot of people do not realize moyock was the site of a place for greyhound racing and noted the site later was a speedway for stock car racing.

“and it is done beautifully,” snowden said.Salmons said “and they’ve done a beautiful job of picking out the things that they consider important – and I agree with them. They did a very good job of finding the important dates and the things that were going on.”

Snowden, arrived in currituck in 1967 and taught a few years in the county before stepping aside to devote time to raising her daughter. In 1976, snowden returned to teaching in currituck and worked as an educator until retiring in 2004.

“I’ve just always have been fascinated by what happened in history, the why of history,” she said, crediting one of her high school teachers.

Asked why she’s enchanted by currituck history, she noted this was one of the first counties in the tar heel state and noted what knapp did in the county.

The barco branch is at 4261 caratoke highway and adjacent to currituck middle school.Salmons said the branch is open from 9 a.M.-6 p.M. Mondays through fridays and from 8:30 a.M.-5 p.M. On saturdays.