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A majority of children in India drop out of school at an early age in order to seek employment due to poverty and that is indeed a loss for the nation since no one really what those children could have accomplished if they had been provided with the requisite financial support. In this regard, the different Non Government Organisations or NGOs have done plenty of work in order to make sure that the children of the country are provided with basic education and this article looks at the 10 NGOs who have been particularly effective.

This NGO is based in Mumbai and since its inception in 2003 it has been involved with the task of training teachers for English medium schools across Mumbai and over the years it has successfully trained close to 200 teachers in the city. Over the years, they have been responsible for improving the expertise of the teachers at the different schools in Mumbai and due to their effective strategy, one of the municipal corporations in Mumbai have given them the responsibility of taking care of the development of their teachers.

It is expected that they would expand their influence to other cities soon.

The Akshaya Patra foundation started in 2000 is not exactly an NGO that takes care of the core duties of an educational NGO but are rather involved in providing school children with lunches across India. The mission statement of the organisation is as follows: -“No child in India shall be deprived of education because of hunger” and hence it operates kitchens in 9 states across the country in Assam, Andhra, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Orissa, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and UP which distributes lunches to 1.5 million children in government schools. high school education level The work done by the foundation has made sure that children do not have to worry about a lack of nourishment when they go to school.

In at number 8 is Make a Difference or MAD that was established in 2006 Jithin Nedumala, Gloria Benny and Sujith Varkey, who were appalled at the state of affairs in their native Kerala and decided to do something in order to make sure that children not only go basic education but were also imparted with career skills so that they could shine in their chosen fields. They have their offices in Cochin, Kerala but their volunteers which include students and industry leaders impart knowledge to some of the underprivileged children in 23 cities across India. ‘Don’t stop believing’ is their motto.

The owner of HCL Technologies Limited Shiv Nadar has also set up the Shiv Nadar Foundation with a view to take care of the future of the country by imparting high quality education to poor children. Nadar started the foundation in 2008 but over the past few years he has funded hundreds of scholarships in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh and has also provided poorly funded government institutions and schools with computers so that the students could have access to the best possible facilities. He has proven to be an excellent entrepreneur who is also aware of his responsibilities as a wealthy citizen of a largely poor country.

Founded in the year 2007 by Mumbai based educationist Shaheen Mistri, Teach for India has quickly established itself as one of the leading educational NGOs in the country and the primary reason why they have been successful is because of their rather innovative approach. The NGO seeks assistance from fresh graduates or other educated individuals to teach in under staffed schools in Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad as a result of which young children are not deprived of quality classes. The NGO has gone global as well and has started off the same model in schools in 28 countries.

At number 5 is an NGO that is engaged in taking care of the education of the girl child in Rajasthan, a state that is well known for its chauvinistic attitudes towards female education and since its inception in 2007, Educate Girls founded by Safeena Husain has successfully helped the schools across the state of Rajasthan. Their thrust is on gender equality in Rajasthan and they have tried to do that through education, as a result they have tied up with more than 2000 government schools in order to impart cutting edge knowledge to the girl children. level of higher education It is an outstanding initiative without a shred of a doubt.

The NGO started in 1972 is currently one of the biggest non profit organisations involved in the field of education and hence it is not a surprise that its founder Sanjit Roy broke in to the TIME Magazine’s 100 most influential list 4 years back. Since its inception the BCI have been active in trying to create the required infrastructure for education in India by educating future generations of teachers and has also been active in providing specialized knowledge to children of all ages so that they can make a living. It is based in Titonia in Rajasthan and primarily focuses on providing top level vocational training.

The owner of Wipro and one of India’s richest men Azim Premji has pledge his wealth to the betterment of his fellow human being and the Azim Premji Foundation in 2001is certainly one of his gifts to mankind. It has its footprints in 16 states and is involved in improving the curriculum in government schools across those states, so that underprivileged students can get advantage of the best possible syllabus. The foundation has also been extremely active in the promotion of computer based education in these states.

The NGO that has the motto ‘stand up for what is right’ was established back in 1977 by Rippan Kapur, with a view to take care of the different issues faced by children in India and one of its most important planks is education. It is active all across the country and over the years CRY has been responsible for taking care of the school education of close to 350,000 children from all over India.Their head offices are located in Mumbai but CRY does have its own offices in the 4 other major cities in India in Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore that helps the organisation in co-ordinating its efforts across the different states.

The word ‘Pratham’ literally means first in Hindi and hence it is only fitting that the educational NGO Pratham ends up at number 1 in this list due to the staggering work that they have done since 1994. It works with the poorest of the poor children all over India and is headed by Madhav Chavan, who is also the founder. As far as numbers are concerned Pratham has no peers and so far it has successfully provided 2.5 million children in India with basic education that has made it the most successful educational NGO in India. highest level education In addition to that it is also responsible for having successfully completed the training of 60000 teachers in the country.