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PERSONAL STATEMENT: carol miller is a small business owner, bison farmer, and state delegate who is running for congress to bring west virginia values to washington DC. Carol is pro-life, pro-second amendment, and pro-coal. Carol will work with president trump to build the wall and end illegal immigration. In the state house, carol prayed before every vote and she’ll do the same in congress.

Congress needs to go through the budget line by line, prioritize our needs and cut unnecessary spending, just like families do at kitchen tables across our nation. Congress must also eliminate the rampant waste, fraud, and abuse in our federal budget.

Congress must eliminate obamacare’s costly mandates and allow all american’s to buy health insurance and care on the free and open market, across all state lines.

Americans and our doctors should work to decide the care that best meets their individual needs, not the federal government.West virginia

3. West virginia has been especially hard hit by the opioid abuse epidemic. What do you see as the role of congress in addressing this crisis?

Congress must make resources available for rehabilitation and recovery, ensure law enforcement has the tools to crack down on drug dealers and eliminate international drug traffickers, and immediately repeal the destructive policies that have flooded our communities with opioids.

Only a good guy with a gun can stop a criminal with a gun. The cowards that prey on our most vulnerable pick their targets because they think no one will shoot back. Firearms training and increased security will send the message that if you try to hurt innocent people in west virginia that you’ll never have the chance.

Coal is an essential part of a safe, secure, and affordable energy supply for the united states. Our ability to create clean coal can guarantee a century of growth and prosperity for west virginia.Hardworking west

We must always work with our coal industry to improve conditions for miners so hardworking west virginians have access to a safe and secure workplace. We need further research to identify the root of any health concerns and provide specific equipment improvements to ensure that we have safe and prosperous coal and mining industries in west virginia

In congress, I’ll work to cut taxes on hardworking west virginia families, reduce overburdensome regulations so west virginia businesses can create good paying jobs, and end the opioid epidemic that is hurting our communities.

We must ensure that north korea never acquires a nuclear weapon. North korea’s radical regime has never had to deal with a strong leader like president trump, and I fully support the actions that the president is taking to end their nuclear program once and for all.

Yes. Increasing broadband access to underserved areas throughout west virginia and appalachia is essential to providing quality education and bringing economic growth to our region.Fully support it benefits our whole country to bring everyone up to speed.

President trump’s infrastructure improvements, creating public and private partnerships for investment, is exactly the path we need to take to rebuild america’s infrastructure. I fully support our president’s agenda.