Wisd to kick off fall parent education series news waxahachiesun.com jobs available at each level of education

“Waxahachie ISD believes that parents play an integral role in assisting their child’s learning and that we are partners in their child’s education,” Bernal said. “Parent education classes provide parents with tools they can use to work with their children. united states education level We also believe it reduces the barriers of communication so that parents and teachers can work together more easily to help their children achieve academic success.”

Through the end of November, parents have the opportunity to participate in a four-session series selected from the Love and Logic parenting curriculum. Topics to be covered include how to put an end to arguments, how to teach children responsibility, how to avoid power struggles between parents and their children and how to help children learn the skills they need to problem solve.

Sessions for elementary parents are slated for 6:30-8 p.m. Oct. 22 at Dunaway, Oct. 29 at Wedgeworth, Nov. 12 at Wilemon and Nov. 26 at Northside. Secondary parent sessions are offered 6:30-8 p.m. Oct. 25 at Howard Junior High, Nov. 1 at Coleman Junior High, Nov. 8 at Finley Junior High and Nov. 15 at Waxahachie High School.

The four-session series is the same for elementary and secondary parents so parents can attend whichever school they want or where they feel most comfortable (elementary or secondary campus). level of education definition It’s not required that a parent attend all four sessions in the series but it is encouraged as each session builds upon the previous one. “Attending all four sessions allows parents to receive all information that may be applicable to their specific needs,” Bernal said.

Parent participation can vary from year to year, Bernal acknowledges. The past three years, the district has used a parent education series that has seen as many as 20 parents in attendance. The last time the district offered the Love and Logic series was about four years ago and as many as 40 parents attended at a time, so there are hopes for a bump in involvement.

Still, “whether we have one parent or a full house, we welcome all parent participation,” Bernal said, who points to ongoing research about the importance of parents being involved with their children and their children’s schools. “(Parent participation) improves student achievement, student behavior, reduces absenteeism, encourages communication between children and parents and keeps parents connected in their child’s education,” she said.

“One of the sessions prompted parents to speak about dealings with their children when it came to school and behavior,” she said. “A parent spoke up about the many struggles they had with their child, specifically when it came to school. This discussion opened up various topics from other parents and how they deal with their children and education.”

As it turned out, the parent who had spoken up wasn’t familiar with Family Access or how it could work as an aid to a parent. This prompted the parent education class teacher to offer a separate class about Family Access and how to utilize it, Bernal said.

“Several of the parents attended and learned how to use Family Access, which kept them clued in on how their child was doing in school and whether they had any missing assignments, etc.,” Bernal said. “It helped them to stay better connected to the teacher – and once their child found out that they were using Family Access, it solved many issues the child was having in the classroom.

Parents who are interested in attending this fall’s classes are encouraged to register at least three days ahead of the class at http://bit.ly/LoveandLogicReg. secondary level of education in pakistan There is no cost to attend; nor is there a cost for child care, which is provided for ages 4 years and older. Separate sessions in English and in Spanish are held at all locations throughout the series.