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– Telemetry: Sweet Lord Jesus… salaries based on education level I mean, I’m not against collecting data to help enhance the OS, but, why in the forgivable name of the lord of the skies it has to HOG your HDD and processor to send data? Like… C’mon, a monkey can code better than that…

– Major upgrades ALWAYS break something or have so nasty bugs you have to revert and wait for it to become more usable, or straight skip to the next iteration, and unless you tweak your registry, they force them up your throat. And, if you happen to be stuck with the new crippled version, you have to wait for patches to make it work as it should… they clearly can’t keep up with the 6 month plan, because they are apes trying to code… they should be realistic and stick with a 1 year plan… (examples of their clear lack of capacity to code was the most recent Intel security scandals – the spectre and the other thing vulnerabilities – That caused some older systems to not boot because of a crippled patch, to which they blamed AMD for not giving enough info…

or even caused performance loss on Intel systems, while Google could easily fix, and without any performance impact… did MS learn something? I hope so… at least they COULD test their shit before releasing… geez…)

– Driver installation is a nightmare, and not to mention updates, you risk your ass into unexpected BSODs just for updating your VGA drivers with stable releases (seriously?) and whenever you are done with that process, pray for Windows Update to NOT replace your good working driver with the crippled, old and terribly bad coded version from MS servers, that is even incapable of hardware acceleration… because you have to revert back to your driver, and choose an option so MS doesn’t try to install that crap ever again… education level list Loose of time? Ohhhhh yeah!

Not to mention I never needed any imaging software to keep myself free from problems and easily restore a functional OS state… Windows 10 is the first OS to force me have Macrium Reflect as an emergency recovery plan… Sweet Lord or the Universe that Resides in an Asteroid, that thing is free, thanks!

I also disable Windows Update service and just run WU manually when I feel like updating and patching the OS (once a month at least), and the telemetry service is disabled too… just because I need the HDD to work on what is supposed to do, not to be hogged by that service always.

Right now, I’m on version 1703, because 1709 has so many bugs (slowdowns with the ribbon in explorer, poor implementation of security protections, just a bunch of features no one uses, Direct X issues and keeping bugs from older revisions) that I preferred to skip it and see if the next 1803 is better (crosses fingers)

It’s funny… when Windows 7 became a thing, I installed it on a laptop and a desktop PC I still have, they are somewhat old, but I have never had the need to format and reinstall the OS, they are as fast and snappy as their hardware allows them to be… Rock stable OS that was.

Take VyOS an example. salary education level It is made specifically for handling low level network traffic as a router/switch/firewall/etc.. It doesn’t have a GUI; a GUI would take extra resources that could be spent on forwarding network traffic faster, anything beyond that is an extra expense. There is soooooo much stuff that you can do with it… at least in regards to networking at OSI layers 2-3.

However, pfSense does much of the same things as VyOS, but pfSense has a GUI and the shell commands are drastically different from those of VyOS. This doesn’t make it better or worse; it certainly requires more from the hardware to do the same basic tasks, but it is easier to use… at least for some people.

VyOS is made to closely resemble the operating systems used in traditional corporate routers and switches, such as Cisco IOS. VyOS even shares many of the same commands as Cisco IOS, which is what most networking professionals learn on as they study for their CCNA exams. highest level of education uk As such, VyOS is preferred by people who are familiar with such traditional office/ISP routers and switches; they don’t have to do as much relearning if they choose it over pfSense.